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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Taggable me

Im so taggable :)
Cube Revvy has tagged me with a 7 things tag, so HELLO here it is: (I edited it bc I didnt realize that there were less than 7 in some lol)

7 Things to do before I die:

1. Visit Italy
2. Read the rest of the Old Testament
3. Get a job in the USA
4. Get married
5. Go on my US visit (yes very soon as you can tell).
6. Learn not to stress as much as I do sometimes
7. Do more things for God.

7 Things I cannot do

1. Drive a truck
2. Swim properly
3. Perform brain surgery
4. Worm my cat without getting syrup all over the place
5. Speak Japanese
6. Grow wings and fly like a bird
7. Save the world

7. Things that attract me to my mate (In my case Jonathan)

1. Generosity
2. warm heart
3. kindness
4. Ability to love me after seeing my imperfections
5. Ability to love me after seeing me with the flu sick as a dog (we both were sick in Sydney drinking cough syrup from wine glasses)
6. God loving
7. Romantic (may I add intelligence, great conversationalist, and makes me laugh?)

7 Things I say ( I don't know really)

1. Really?
2. No way
3. Are you serious?
4. Oh shut up
5. Oh my goodness
6. Wow
7. Crikey

7 Movies I have loved

1. The Punisher
3. Walk the line
4. Chronicles of Narnia
5. Shawshank redemption
6. In the name of the Father
7. Passion of the Christ

7 People to tag

1. Jasmine (this should give you something to blog about deary)
2. Hi Jonathan, yes if you are my faithful fiance and need to prove your love you will do it :) (joking folks)
3. St.Peters Helpers
4. Mr. Irish and Dangerous
5. Marie-Linda
6. Kristie Sue
7. you are tagged if you want to be

well there you have it!
Ok, I have to introduce you to a NEW BLOGGER she lives in my town (not tellin you where that is) and is my very good friend, her name is ...........................

Jasmine Please give her a welcome to the blog world.
posted by Grace B at 7:24 PM


that is just too sweet for words. Who'd have thougt an australian'd say Crikey!?

5:44 AM  

Crikey? Can't honestly say I have ever heard that one. Had 2 laugh looking at that monkey the rev. is using. Hahaa! Just luv that look!

6:22 AM  

Do you really say "crikey"? I'm sorry, but I can't help thinking of the Crocidile Hunter whenever I hear that word! ;-)

4:31 PM  

Yes I do say crikey, it stops me from saying much worse belive me lol.
Yes the croc hunter seems to use it, although far more than me!

8:46 PM  

What a wonderful list!! haha I LOVE that you say Crikey! That's amazing!!

9:25 PM  

Aww very cute, I enjoyed reading it, it was interesting, I always forget you live in Australia kept thinking you lived in America heh.

7:25 AM  

TAG!!.................. your it! JJ

6:31 PM  

yup i'm a good target ;)

2:27 PM  

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