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Monday, March 06, 2006

Small update

Sorry for not updating much, things have gotten quite busy, but I will be blogging from the USA at some point too.
I have been able to read some blogs, although not as much. This week will be the most hectic I dare say.

I want to leave you with some great reading that I have done. Firstly

The Church Fathers Lent Reading Plan it's been an amazing experience.

I have also been reading Natural Family Planning and the Conjugal Relationship It's been great, Dr.Evelyn Billings is great, although I am not using her NFP book but another great one that is used with Couple to Couple League.

Have a great week all!
posted by Grace B at 3:15 PM


U have a fantastic and safe trip!
Don't 4-get 2 e-mail me!
Best of Luck, and may God B U'r Co-pilot!

9:14 PM  

Thanks Starbender, i'm getting more excited by the minute!
Yeah I want God to be my Co Pilot too!

2:42 AM  

Dear Carmel,
I am praying that you are having a safe and wonderful trip! Your poem of love of your last post was so touching... (nothing is ever too cheesy for me)! And thanks to you and Jonathan for the Church Fathers reading list...something to add to my list.

2:18 PM  

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