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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This annoying blog!

There has been something wrong with my blog for almost 2 weeks. My margins look weird and all. Has anyone else been having problems? All your blogs look ok and I havent added anything. This is driving me mad.
posted by Grace B at 10:06 AM


I haven't had any problems but once in a while Blogger does maintenance. Hope it doesn't last long.

10:25 AM  

Thanks St.P's it got on my nerves lol

11:31 AM  

I have to send some pictures like 5 times each b4 they actually go.

11:54 AM  

Here's a recommendation...copy the text of your template somewhere so you can copy it back in to blogger if they mess around with it again.

Tom "Like what I've seen of your blog thus far" Reagan

5:37 PM  

it must be some weird blogger thing.

Thanks for the recommendation and for the visit to my blog! I don't think I can be veiwed on firefox now, so it's one prob after the other grrr!
It's great to get tips on how to fix things because i'm not so html savvy!

5:16 AM  

I can see you fine on Firefox1.5.0.1, for what it's worth.

Is Carmel short for Carmella? Carmella's my grandmother's name and I've never heard of the name elsewhere.

What do you need fixed?

Email me if you need a bit of help...I am no expert, but I can usually figure it out if I play around long enough. :)

Tom "God bless you and your descendants" Reagan

5:49 PM  

Yes my name is short for Carmela, mine is spelled with one "L" it was my grandmothers name too!
Thanks for your help, my blog is ok at the moment, lets hope it keeps up!
God bless you and yours too!

5:42 AM  

I think we were all having problems with Blogger over the past week or so. Beware!

7:58 AM  

After some mishaps of my own...I thought of an even better idea, Carmella...I just created another blog. I mess around with my template there...and when I finally get it looking how I'd like it to look, I literally copy and paste all of the text to my main blog. In other words, I created a sandbox blog to play around in. This also automatically creates a backup of the template (since it's on the sandbox blog as well).

Glad everythings better!

3:15 PM  

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