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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy babies

This came to me through email, I thought it was cute. I have seen it before but thought I would link over to it today and share it.

Happy babies

Blogger was down for me for a while and I had to get Jonathan to help me fix my template. So I lost a few little things on my side bar and it looks a little different, but i'm so glad I didn't lose all my links to your blogs!
It's so cold here in Ohio, a few weeks ago I was complaining how hot I was in Australia! It's certainly a shock to the system, I have been wearing so many layers of clothing that it's been kinda hard to move properly :)
I have also been eating lots of this yummy food, Jonathan cooked for me which was sweet, but we do have to work off some of this good food! (I have been sticking to my fast though)
I hope you all had a great feast day of St.Joseph, I saw some great blogs about him and prayers related to the day.
We have been having a great time, St.Patricks day was awesome, green beer and all. I wore a green Irish button saying "kiss me i'm Irish" i'm not Irish at all but it was fun. We went out and I have been having a go at trivia, I can't say i'm any good but it was fun, Jonathan knew almost every answer as usual.
I am hoping to take more photos, it's just so pretty around here, next week it should warm up a bit and I shalll get out and take some, I will share some by posting them.

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Its supposed to snow here today, Carmel! I don't know if you all have any there in Ohio. I'm still hoping for Spring!

6:35 AM  

I think it is supposed to snow here soon too. Spring would be nice right now, yesterday there was some nice sunlight coming in from the windows which was a bit kinder but none today. Hopefully next week!

8:17 AM  

Sounds as though you two are having a blast! :) I think the blog still looks good, even if you did lose some things! Guess that just means you have more room for new stuff! :)

Can't wait to see the new pictures~ *hugs*

10:13 AM  

awww! The babies were so cute!! I'm glad you had a lovely St. P's day!!

9:38 AM  

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