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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My Photo Mission

While Jonathan was at work today, I was on a mission, armed with so many clothes that I could barely move, even a thick beanie to keep my ears warm, I fronted the freezing weather.
My mission was to take some pictures outdoors, although I did take some inside. I do have my photo blog but I want to post them on here too.
I am not a great picture taker or anything as you can see but it was fun. I was looking for some little birdy to come by so I could photograph it, one did that but flew away once I lifted my camera. Oh well, this is what I got:

The infamous bird feeder!

Jonathan has the most beautiful scenery out here... (yeah that's the other birdfeeder lol)

I don't know what berries these are, so I didn't eat one, in fear of poisoning :)
I like this room, I edited the photo so it looks old, and gives the appearance of warm weather, just because i'm so cold.

I know, it's just a window but I like it..

There you have it, there are more but it takes me so long to upload them.
Peace all!
posted by Grace B at 12:44 PM


lol, some nice pics CArmel! I would have loved to see u in ur bunch of clothes though :)))
greatings from Bangkok, I am flying home in 3 days! love, Stef

9:37 PM  

Glad you like them Stef. I was very very clothed lol.
Your time in Thailand has been very interesting to read about, keep us updated and be safe on your way back to Germany.
Love x

5:14 AM  

hehe, im kind of an amatuer phtotgrapher myself, those are very cool =)

i really like the window.

very cool carmel

9:25 AM  

Lovely pictures dear... I love the bird houses! I too would have loved to see you all bundled up! :) Try to keep warm dear.

11:20 AM  

i like the window pic!

3:53 PM  

hehe! I think you have a great photo talent!

9:39 AM  

Great picture taker you.

Now I'm inspired once again to start taking pictures. Two paws up for your picture of the window just 'cause you like it!


2:31 PM  

Wonderful images of the country and the winter colors are very pretty.

6:04 PM  

Cool Weather from Ohio ehh? ;) It's been really chilly in Missouri too ;)

6:54 PM  

Great Photos!
Great news--
It's suppose to
warm up 10 more
degrees! Go Crazy!

7:34 PM  

Awwww everyone thank you! I'm glad you like them. I want to take more but we'll see with the weather. As Starbender says it's going to warm up. Lets hope!

4:59 AM  

great pictures:)

7:56 AM  

Your second pic reminds me of the view outside our dentist's window--seriously! They are a "sedation dentist" and try to keep everyone as relaxed as possible.

8:47 AM  

Carmel ~ actually, those are nice pics ;)

6:47 AM  

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