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Friday, March 31, 2006

Remembering Pope John Paul II

Thanks to American Papist blog, I found a fantastic CNN video Remembering the life of Pope John Paul II
I think this is a great time to view it, with the anniversary of his death comming right up.
posted by Grace B at 12:33 PM


U R just sooo on top of things girl! Ahh, That video was very well done. Thanx!

2:32 AM  

thanks for the link! :)

3:04 PM  

Please visit! This site features a powerful film about the life of Pope John Paul II called 'The Power of Faith" by Legendary Hollywood Producer, Robert Evans! This is a treasure!

11:23 PM  

Thanks for this Carmel! You know, I bet he's smiling at us from heaven, thinking "young people, computers and God together! What a nifty idea!" :)

8:28 PM  

Oh yeah...and Carmel, thanks for the words you have on your banner (at the top of your blog, under "Winterr's Words"). I really needed them today.

8:30 PM  

Awww thanks everyone!! Marie Linda, you are welcome, I like the words up there too, they are from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Thank you! xx

5:29 AM  

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