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Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's not me!

Today in my spam folder I received mail supposedly from myself. My public email is and someone copied it to look like it's me I suppose. The email asks you to send money and all that, so if you get it, IT"S NOT ME!! I don't want your money, ok? Don't you just love spammers? :/

Also, last night Jonathan and I went out for dinner to this fabulous restaurant, I didn't expect it to be so nice, the food was great, the views etc, and it's one of the best places I have eaten at so far, but..... I ate like a pig, and that's no exaggeration. I didn't realize that I was so full until I stood up. So our evening ended with me complaining to Jonathan, "ouch my stomach hurts" and "Honey, I can't believe I ate like a pig, I feel like a pig... help me feel better" etc. Poor Jonathan had to console me lol. So if you happen to get in front of some good food, don't act as I did or your night will be painful. YES, I'm ashamed of my glutton behavior!! NO, I don't ever eat like that, but I guess there is a first time for everything. (I did not break my Lenten fast at least!)
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Both of these apply to me as well. I have gotten email at my work email address from my own work email. Um, no.

I eat too much at least once a week. Then I go work out like a fanatic to attempt to make out for it. It's a vicious cycle.

3:50 PM  

Nothing wrong with eating like a pig! :) you enjoy your food, better then a date who doesn't eat at all.

10:57 PM  

hehe!! :-) It sounds like it was a pretty good restaurant!

I get lots of spam mail too, but never yet got one from myself! :)

oh, and i love the picture of the pig!

11:55 PM  

The picture of the pig is great! I feel like that sometimes too. Occasionally my stomach is smaller than my appetite....occasionally.

9:06 PM  

I got an email from who made a spelling error saying that bisz (that was dead giveaway of spoof) saying that someone had fraudently used my credit card on their site to make purchases and they requested I give them my cc number and all personal info to verify it was me so they could further the investigation. WAHHH HAHAHAH. Turns out that in fact that someone did fraudulently use my card to make some online purchases this very same day. Ahhh well. The joy of trying to put a little faith in trusting encrypted codes! lol

10:29 PM  


Ive done the whole, eating like a I have the stomach of twelve men before. It's kinda painful.

Your piggy pic cracked me up. Hope you didnt pop any buttons :(

haha. Good on you! Glad you enjoyed it!

God Bless.

3:04 AM  

I'm glad to be in good company when over eating lol.
Thanks everyone =)

6:11 AM  

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