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Monday, April 03, 2006

Our weekend

This weekend Jonathan and I met up with David and Jennifer and headed up to visit the
Basillica & National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation
This is a place we all love to visit and has been very special to us. We went this sunday which was the anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II. I was able to join the Confraternity, which was great since I have been waiting to do that for so long, and what a great day to join.
I also got to have some prayer and was blessed with a relic of the true cross, it was awesome and I cannot explain it.
I took some photos as usual. Jonathan will be posting some too in the near future which are alot better than mine, he seems to have more of a natural thing with taking photos.
We finnished our evening off by eating out and driving home again. I was certainly tired from the drive and slept like a log.
Here are some photos from the park near the shrine:

And here is the inside:

posted by Grace B at 5:09 AM


I'll have to go there sometime...

7:23 AM  

wow! Beautiful! x

7:50 AM  

Very beautiful. It reminds me - I'm going to Washington DC in May -and I should visit the American National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception while I'm there.

12:22 PM  

Glad you like the photos,

Tom it's a beautiful peaceful shrine, you will like it I believe

Thanks Antonia, glad you like it.

Jonathan has been there, I hear it's beautiful. Have a great and safe time.

12:48 PM  

The Basilica in DC is unbelievable. Was there about 8 weeks ago. I recommend starting in the basement before the main chapel. (Weird recommendation, I know.) Anyway, would love to hear your feedback on one versus the other.

Tom Reagan

3:02 PM  

Carmel, Tom, thanks for the recomendations. I've seen the Baslica of TIC on TV so many times I really want to see it. Unless anything changes I'll be in D.C. during Memorial Day weekend (May 27-29), hopefully I can hit it my first night there.

3:16 PM  

Hi, thanks for coming!
Greetings from Brasil!
Pastor Lucas.

4:55 AM  

Carmel, these are great shots!

6:38 AM  

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