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Monday, April 03, 2006

Rigo is his name

I gave him tomatoes, he walked by them, I gave him red peppers, he didn't even sniff them, I gave him strawberries, he left them, today I gave him an apple, a whole red shiny apple, he left it. He just wont love me :-(
Oh well, at least he finally posed and looked at the camera for me.
posted by Grace B at 12:43 PM


hahahaaaa, Carmel, Is that a squirrel??? Does he have a real fuzzy big tail? I didn't even think of it when U mentioned it 2 me the other day, but, if it is a squirrel, try nuts! they luv 'em. Just buy some peanuts, and tap them on the cement, or a rock. f he won't come 2 you, just put them in a small pile. When they get used 2 U, some of them will eat out of U'r hand! Take care, hun!

5:14 PM  

They like the ones in the shell!

5:15 PM  

haha! great pic!
maybe try wet cat food or dog food..? That's what we give to garden hedgehogs here to try and entice them ( I know he's not a hedgehog but it might work!)


1:08 AM  

The picture is a bit far away, he is a groundhog, and kept me amused for a while, it was funny checking out the left food lol. He is fat and doesnt need extra I guess.

Maybe! I am just a sucker for animals. =)

4:59 AM  

That is a great pic! We have some of Rigo's relatives out this way, but I have never tried to feed them! :)

7:08 AM  

LOL How funny! He doesn't like fruit :p Keep trying you'll find something he likes ;) Try chocolate :p

9:24 AM  

As Starbender mentioned, you might want to try some nuts or even a pine cone. It's just shy.

11:38 AM  

Peanut butter!

It catches/attracts SO many types of animals.

6:27 PM  

My friend Paula pet a squirrel once and she thought it was nice and it bit her and she had to get shots. Becareful :)

11:10 PM  

Oops just read it's a groundhog haha :) still don't let it bite ya, and did it see its shadow?

11:11 PM  

I think they must like the food nature provides enough, all I see them do is chew!

Kristie Sue,
I would bet all animals would love chocolate!

Thanks for the suggestion I may look around for a pine cone when we go hiking next

I have been eating alot of peanut butter, maybe it's time to share!

I saw the big teeth from the window when i was taking his picture and I saw him scare off another animal, I don't want to get in his way! lol. I love him from a distance (or she)
thanks =)

Actually for anyone reading, he finally ate that apple! I think because of the snow through the night all the other vegetation was too covered so he (or she) made do with that apple he first snubbed.
Hmmmm I think i'm obsessed ;)

4:37 AM  

oh yeah Phats, sorry I forgot to answer your shadow question, he always stands upright so iguess that means he looks for it, but today it's snowing poor guy =(

8:00 AM  

Yeah, Carmel! He finally ate something! I bet an apple with peanut butter would be good...! :)

6:55 PM  

I thought it might be something different, too. But then realized he must be standing on his hind legs.

How about an apple with peanut butter on it? Yum. Lol. Maybe next time he won't snub the apples.

Actually chocolate isn't good for animals, it causes chocolate toxicosis. So don't worry you won't have to share your Sunday stash. ;)

5:51 PM  

Oh, I was going to say peanut butter but maria beat me to it! I love the picture, too cute! What do groundhogs eat anyways, bugs? I thought they ate roots and berries... huh?

6:37 AM  

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