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Friday, April 21, 2006

Politically correct or common sense?

I was watching a news program last night, when a certain segment caught my interest.
It was about political correctness. I may be behind on some of the times lately because I had no idea that the popular nursery rhyme "Baa baa black sheep" has now been changed to "Baa baa rainbow sheep" because it can cause offense. Maybe i'm the only one who thinks that is really not so funny.
They also brought up that "Sea World" on the Gold Coast has decided the name fairy penguins could cause offence to the gay community so now it is now calling them little penguins. So I myself got to thinking, what if the title "little" penguins might cause offense to short people? Then tiny penguins might cause offense to midgets, I think you get my drift.
Now I want to get onto the feminsts.....have you heard of the rhyme "humpty dumpty"? well in case you havent, there is a verse "all the kings horses and all the kings men" well the feminists have complained that it shouldnt be the kings "men" who put humpty together again. Sorry???
There has been complaints in schools where teachers say "good boy" or "good girl" it now should be "good child"
Watch out Enid Blyton books, because "golliwog" might be taken out for it's racist view!

I believe that political correctness has been hijacked.
posted by Grace B at 4:50 PM


I think you should write seaworld and complain! PC has gone WAY overboard on some things if you ask me

11:30 PM  

yeah it's gone too far in some cases. I mean really, fairies are mystical creatures with wings.
I don't see offensive content in the humpty dumpty rhyme myself. So men put humpty dumpty back together again, they were born from woman at least ;)

2:30 AM  

Hey Carmel, you are so right about this! political correctness has run out of hand

7:07 AM  

What should scare us is not the change in nursery rhymes, but the changes in our hymnody and litrugy that following the same thinking.

Lord, have mercy!

9:59 AM  

Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep and "Little" Penguins? Wow, it going to take quite an effort to sync rewrites of all the children's verses in the world. Phewwww!


10:00 PM  

This is just f'n ridiculous!

10:44 PM  

I read somewhere that the whole idea behind PC-ness is that it is meant to be extreme in order to set a whole agenda.

I don't really go for conspiracy theories - actually, I do like them (!) but I don't really believe people can be that well organised!

However, even if it is more of an organic thing, PC-ness is about estalishing a *new* set of absolutes.

I mean, haven't you ever noticed that PC people are highly intolerant of differing points of view? Which is pretty ironic given that "tolerance" is a value they allegedly hold dear.

5:37 AM  

I agree with Lutherpunk. What really gets me mad is when these same PC police start changing words of hymns, and worse, Scripture!

6:28 AM  

political correctness ignores the truth, and substitutes with a poor replacement.

truth is a bitter mead, requiring a seasoned palate.

failing this..

12:07 PM  

I hear there is a cyclone at U'r place. Scarry! Hope everything is okay!

12:59 PM  

Thank you! I'm ok, it was far from where I live.
I have been a little busy to blog or read much on the net lately :(

8:38 PM  

No kidding what a joke. Politically correct...... ugh! Ps. Im back to blogging! I think I scared a bunch of people! Miss you and xx.

9:48 PM  

What a joke huh? Couldmt rainbow sheep cause offense to some homosexuals?

When people call homosexuals fairies, i get offended for pixies and tinkerbells and peter pans, what are they going to do to absolve MY level of offense?

Also we are not allowed to sing "three little indians" from Peter Pan either cause of it could upset ethnic cultures.

Just recently I called something "gay" at a message board, which is a word I use regularly to express distaste or annoyance. To my knowledge it gay meant the word happy before it meant homosexual. However, someone got really bent out of shape about it, called me prejudice and had the post edited by the admin because it was just so highly bloody offensive.

It made me really angry.

Political incorrectness rubs me the wrong way. I'm the most un-pc person I know, and I like it.

1:01 AM  

oh for Pete's sake. geez. doesn't anyone know that black is a color and a fairy is a little sprite. just silliness. I think politicians make more of these things than the general public.

7:20 AM  

Oh gosh, I think all that crap has gone way overboard. It makes me mad to think htat they are going to change nursery rhymes over this stuff!

12:48 PM  

Hmm I still say STONE EM!! :) ha

10:16 AM  


8:24 PM  

Don't move to Canada. Here we are a very tolerant people, except in regard to religion and faith.

oooo, and Lutherpunk sorta kinda hasa point.

11:24 AM  

Y'all need to get a copy of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories.

Snow White is "Melanin Challenged" and The Ugly Duckling is "The Duckling That Was Judged Not by Its Physical Appearance But by Its Personal Merits".

My kids love reading it just to laugh at the absurdities.

4:38 PM  

I would love to read that Argent!

3:15 AM  

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