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Friday, April 14, 2006


Most of you know that i'm back in Australia and missing Jonathan :-( But we will have a wedding date when we get our final papers from Immigration. Right now we are at the near ends of getting the final stuff together.
I haven't blogged because I have had a cold and just been generally "out of it" with jet lag and comming home to a very busy week. I also have been too tired to think clear enough to write anything that would make sense.
It seems that when I got home, everything had been waiting for me and piled up. It was storming yesterday, I loved that!

I had an awesome month away from home, we did so much of the fun stuff! We had so much fun with David and Jennifer on St.Patricks day. The two Shrines we visited were nothing less than beautiful.
We also watched the Passion of the Christ before I left, which I thought was the perfect time to do so, since we did that in Holy week, not to mention the 80's based DVD's we spent our evenings watching. It's so funny to think back to the 80's, with the big hair and weird clothes, I am glad that my mother never kept too many photos of me back then. Especially the late 80's when my best friend and I used to dress like gypsies :/
I bought the Diary of St.Faustina, when we went to Burton Ohio, thanks to Jessica who plugged it so much that I thought "this is a must have" I have read some of it and it's been great so far.

I want to wish everyone a blessed Triduum. Being good friday in some parts of the world and saturday here it can get confusing what specific day to wish you blessings on :) Thank you all for your Triduum wishes.
Last night I went to the Good Friday mass, it was wonderful. I particularly like the veneration of the cross. This part of the year is the most different of all times in the Church year. Imagining a world without Jesus is so hard. Having the altar stripped bare, the cross covered with purple cloth among other things, is a reminder that there was that time when Jesus was "gone".
I would also like to welcome all those being recieved in the Church on the Easter Vigil, especially Jason (and wife Brandi) and Danny who are those I know about, i'm sure there are many more of you out there!

So whether you celebrate Easter or do not, I wish EVERYONE a great rest of the week. I know that I am planning to eat many, many chocolate eggs.
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me wasn't sure if u two were married already!?

distance makes the heart grow fonder, no?

take the piles one @ a time. when u have too much to do, thats the general way to go bout it. most importantly, avoid burnout.

oohhhhh, gypsies r' fun!!!

i like visiting shrines too. some of them give you this feeling of tranquility thats hard to find most other *civilized* places..

i'm not a Christian, but surely with the death of Jesus he lived on in the hearts of those who loved and revered him?

i know i would, resurrection or not.

hope u enjoy yer choco-eggies ;)

8:37 PM  

Enjoy U'r Easter!

2:07 PM  

I love the chocolate peanut butter eggs :) as well as Mr Jelly Belly Beans.

I hope you're feeling better, and how exciting for you and jonathan!

10:45 PM  

No not married yet, but yeah you are right about the distance, now that my heart is fond enough it's time to get closer lol. Thank you so much for your advice, one at a time sounds great, and is surely good advice. I love your new picture too!
Even if you are not Christian I would hope that you could get some chocolate eggs to munch on, there is always a good excuse for chocolate.

Thank you! And you enjoy yours. We are now so far away that i'm back!!

I have never had choc peanut butter eggs, I should try them some time, I love jelly beans too.
Thank you, i'm starting to feel alot better.
Have a great Easter wont ya!

2:02 AM  

Carmel ~ ::laugh:: good one.

im glad its helping..

hehe thanx!!

ah, but i have too much chocolate in my life of food-connoisering lol

8:35 PM  

I lvoed getting my sons Easter basket together and filling those plastic eggs with money and candy. One for the egg, one for Mom. Enjoy!

10:55 AM  

Oh my God.Everybody goes to weddings or do it on these months:)I wish you joy and happiness:)
Don't care about the distance cus soon you will be married and have less free time:D lol..
Do you know the exact date of your wedding?
I have seen the Passion of the Christ on Friday too lol..It was a great film,but full of brutality...All my muscles and body was uptight while I was watching it...I am reformatic,but I don't go to churches(or maybe just once in a year..)but I believe in someone who is stronger than people...
"oohhhhh, gypsies r' fun!!!Sol what we call gypsies here in HUngary is not a fun:D Usually in hungary most of them are criminals or very poor...(unfortunately)

12:29 AM  

It is good to hear you got back okay, and I am glad you guys had such a nice time. Hope you are feeling better soon! I am sure it is hard on your system to go from summer to winter, to summer in a month's time!

Happy Easter to you too dear! *hugs* can't wait to hear about that wedding date!

11:31 AM  

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