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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Sprite
posted by Grace B at 6:39 PM


Oh, that was so sweet! ;]

U'll be glad 2 know, it's going 2 be 72 degrees today! I hope it makes it, and it will be warm here when U get back!

5:32 AM  

*hugs* thanks Carmel!!!! This brought a huge smile to my face!

8:13 AM  

Is this the soft drink turning a year older? Of course I know that's not it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPRITE! Don't know ya, but have a great day

10:16 AM  

Many happy returns Sprite. God bless you!

...and nice animation there Carmel.

8:51 PM  

Happy B-day, Carmel!!! ;)

sorry im late..

8:50 AM  

Nice to see Sprite getting her b'day wishes!

Starbender, 72 degress sounds perfect!

4:38 PM  

Thanks Everyone... Carmel... everything okay, been a while since you've updated. Just checkin! *hugs*

9:26 AM first i tot it was SPRITE (the softdrink) anniversary. Anyhow...happy birthday shes_a_sprite !!

12:34 AM  

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