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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dan Brown's last supper

I really thought this short post was great Brown's Last Supper

I also updated my Photo Page if you want to see some maybe interesting or maybe boring pictures!

posted by Grace B at 6:50 PM


they were very very beautiful.
:) They gave such a glow of warmth!

5:45 AM  

That's awesome. Your pics are wonderful as well. I plan on coming back. Your profile pic makes me wish to be a teddy bear.

7:12 PM  

I firmly believe that Dan Brown found something that he knew he could take and run with so he could make a lot of money. Writers do that, find out where the climate is and either write for the climate or something against it hoping it will strike a nerve and get people to read it. Just a thought.

7:52 PM  

I know a couple of people reading this book.

hey the kitty is back!

6:33 PM  

I like your photo page.

12:50 PM  

Thanks everyone, it's not often that I find anything interesting to take photos of.

9:21 PM  

That Last Supper was hilarious!

11:51 PM  

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