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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fun travels

I was sorting out some of my many photographs and putting them into albums today, there were so many! So I started to think of all the places I have been, and thought of sharing some places from time to time on my blog and recommending them to others who may travel to the same places.
The first place that I want to mention is a restaurant in Sydney, Australia called the
Chinta Ria.
Jonathan and I discovered this place accidentally when we were visiting Sydney on one of his trips to Australia. We like doing a lot of walking and love stumbling on things unexpectedly.
It's the most unusual place and has fantastic asian food! So if you are coming to the land of Aus or already live here, this is one to check out.
posted by Grace B at 12:48 AM


I would love to go to Australia. Have wanted to visit there for sometime. I want to go to the aussie open tennis tournament.

Can you come put my pictures into albums, they are scattered everywhere haha

3:02 PM  

In that case Phats, I hope that some time you can get the chance to visit! The tennis would be nice to watch, except for the last one since the weather was so hot!

4:25 PM  

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