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Friday, May 19, 2006

Fun travels part 2

As I mentioned in a previous post, I want to write about the places that I visited, when Jonathan and I toured a little of each others country. I'm starting with Australia, and in no particular order.
One of my other favorite (they are all favorites) places we visited was the
Adelaide Botanic Garden In Adelaide, South Australia.
It was awesome, I remember a cute little gift shop and a restaurant where they served aligator! We didn't eat there though. Although, just like true caffeine addicts, we sat and had coffee near the pond, while ducks came to check out what we might have for them. This would be a wonderful place for wedding photography!
The garden was opened in 1857 and have been inspired by the Royal Botanic gardens at Kew, England.
I was very impressed with the garden, and have many personal photos of it, which I wish that I could have posted, but I don't have them scanned. But I have taken a few from the website and added them.

If you visit Adelaide (the city of Churches) some time in your future, I hope you visit the gardens, especially if you appreciate the many things nature has to offer.
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I would love to go there, are you going to buy me a plane ticket for my birthday? haha! :) I wanna learn an aussie accent so bad, those are hot.

Do you eat vegemite?

3:27 PM  

I try to mimic the American accent too, it's funny listening to someone trying to get another accent lol. Yes I do eat vegemite, I will need to take some with me to the USA, it's great for breakfast on toast. Have you tried it? People often don't like it because they are not sure how to eat it.

9:03 PM  

how lovely! I should make a note of all these places in case I ever come to Australia!

1:01 AM  

I loved Adelaide too when I was there! I remember walking through university grounds and imagining myself being a student there. O well :)

3:04 PM  

Antonia, I am looking forward to your posts on you Italian honeymoon!

Awww Stef! we miss ya!

6:54 PM  

I LOVE Adelaide so much. :)

5:49 PM  

The gardens *are* lovely here.

I like vegemite too. The trick is to put lots of butter on your toast or bread and then just put a thin scrape of vegemite on top. Too much will burn your mouth out!

11:55 PM  

oh oh, wiggles anxiously... when do we get part 3?

I love hearing about places people have been and this place sounds amazing!!!

8:36 PM  

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