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Friday, June 02, 2006

A picture is worth a thousand words!

This is a picture of Pope John Paul II forgiving his asassin Mehmet Ali Agca

Check this out!

"If we really want peace, we must make the first step, we must forget offenses and offer the bread of love and charity." JPII
posted by Grace B at 8:20 PM


forgiveness is divine .. all prophets taught that and not just said it but acted on forgiveness ..

9:02 PM  

Yes Nabeel you are right, they did. They must have realised the great release from pain it can give and the healing it brings.
I like this picture, I think it's just amazing. =)

2:33 AM  

He's obviously a better person that me because I might have punched him in the stomach.

But maybe that's just one reasno why he was the Pope because true forgiveness is often difficult.

9:02 AM  

Forgiveness can be hard to give; but when genuinely offered gives the giver more than the forgiven.

2:22 PM  

a picture truly is worth a thousand words . . . it is so stiking that papa is so young in this picture . . . weird really . . .

i have been listening to the beatles this afternoon while working on a few things in my office . . . and oddly enough i am walking away with this outstanding view of . . . Peace . . . and you posted this . . . nice!!!

have a great weekend!!

3:05 PM  

Certain things can't be forgiven in my book. Forgotten, yes..but forgiven?

That said, what really matters is the intention, not the action. What was the intention? Was the intention forgivable.

I know that goes against what you were trying to say. I'm sorry!

3:18 AM  

The homily at Mass today was about forgiveness. I think God used Pope John Paul II in a unique way. Everything he did seemed to be directly because of his love for God.

12:45 PM  

thanks all! Yes 4HC I agree totallay.
leila you are entitled to your own view on forgiveness, in your book, not all can be forgiven, but in JP2's book it seems alot can be.
no need to be sorry thanks for visiting =)

7:53 PM  

What an example this man is for us!!! I agree with tim rice, that the person who forgives usually receives more than the forgiven one.
I think the hardest thing is to be the first one to step forward and forgive...especially when it's very obvious that the other person was at fault.
But the Pope did that with his ennemy.

And once you forgive even your assassin, I bet no one can scare you anymore!

Thanks for the reminder of this news Carmel!

7:54 PM  

Amen! Without forgiveness where would we all be?

8:08 PM  

Wow that is truly and amazing picture you're right

11:03 PM  

Grace, forgiveness, and charity... I remember after 9/11 Richard Gere catching a lot of flack for saying we should forgive the terrorists. The very ideas are so foreign to us.

5:20 PM  

I remember that...what an incredible event. The Vatican needs to proclaim him a saint as soon as possibe.

9:03 PM  

What a powerful image! Thanks Carmel and thank you for your Pentecost greetings. God bless you always!

9:23 PM  

Happy Pentecost to you as well!

10:20 PM  

My goodness.... I had no idea that even happened. I just got through reading it and it made me cry... it was so beautiful.

Thank you for sharing, Carmel.

7:28 AM  

u mean...his would-be assassin ;)

8:45 AM  

You caught me! I was too lazy to change it, sometimes I don't even spell check. =)

3:39 PM  

lol, that guy does not know what to make of it. The turn the other cheek philosphy is a hard one to live by... guess that is one reason I will never be a saint! It is hard, it is truly divine!

6:35 AM  

I don't think that I could do it either Sprite, I would want to hurt him lol.

10:46 PM  

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