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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Unforgotten Stories

Surely you have some unforgotten stories that you heard when you were just a child. Some small things that just stick out in your memory. I hope most are good ones!
Whilst talking about this tonight I remember how my late grandfather would tell me that he was growing an extra ear! Of course it wasn't true but he was my grandfather and I was going to believe anything he said. I remember asking him to show me and he would make me feel a mole he had growing behind his (big) ear. I thought it was really a third ear. Thankfully each time I checked, it had not grown bigger!

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ahhh, such fond memories!
My Grandfather used to tell me it was his job to put the American Flag upon the pole of the Terminal Tower in Downtown Cleveland.
Like U, I believed everything that man told me....

6:01 PM  

Starbender, lol I love that one, cute! x

3:19 AM  

shame on me... but I haven't posted my kittens yet, soon they will be 5 wks old. :o
My batteries died, ...and I have just been soooo busy I hardly have time 2 get on-line. Check over the week-end though, I'm gonna try 2 get them up.

1:29 PM  

My grandfather talked about shooting monkeys in the jungle and eating them. I thought that was so funny and would laugh.

Later, I learned he was a POW in WWII, and had to do the Death March of Bataan. He and several other soldiers killed several Japanese guards with their bear hands and escaped into the jungle.

They had to survive...and they had to eat monkeys.

7:12 PM  

Wow! I could never have made it out of that. It's amazing how some of them survived, you sure wouldnt be here had he not! =)

8:30 PM  

When I was small, my dad used to tell me that if I swallowed the seeds of a fruit, that fruit's tree would grow out of my head. I think I only stopped believing him when I was 10, even if I had already knew how seeds and plants worked!

7:46 PM  

What about those totally exaggerated "Well when I was a boy, I used to walk 10 miles to school every day! youre lucky you have a bus!" .... and each time they told the story, it'd be exaggerated more ... "Well when I was a boy!!!! I had to walk for 3 and a half hours to school ... in a blizzard and drop my brother off to the babysitters house ... sometimes Id have to go in to the forest and find a possum to wear on my head because we couldnt afford a beanie... and if I couldn't afford a beanie, then I'd wear my brother!"


7:19 AM  

Marie linda, that is funny and pretty cute, I remember being told that if I ate seeds a tree would grow out of me too lol.

You make me laugh, yes those exaggerated ones that just go too far! Those are funny. I enjoyed all those stories
Thanks x

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