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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Congratulations Italy

I have to say congratulations to the Italian soccer team
Forza Azzurri for winning the FIFA Word Cup for the fourth time. Well done!
Soccer is big in Australia, England and most of Europe so i'm sure there is alot of celebrating around the world. It was a great game, apart from the headbutt French guy. I wasn't up to watch all of it though, I watched the final part of the game when I got up this morning.

I also noticed that there were fireworks in Rome, which is pretty special.
I also noticed alot of prayers of thanks and a lovely "Jesu" tattooed on one of the players.

posted by Grace B at 4:22 PM


Viva Italia! I don't actually know many Italian humans up in this neck of the woods, mostly Scandahoovians and Native North Americans around here. But I did scarf down some linguini that fell from the counter about a month ago.

Woooohoooo! Viva Italia!!


8:32 PM  

. . . another global event that our entire nation missed . . .

8:54 PM  

What a game! Yeaaaah Italy!

5:35 AM  

i was watching adult swim on cartoon network, and they put up some text about the world cup.

now I know nothing about the world cup, who was it in, who played... (and no it isn't a stupid american thing, it is a "i hate 99% of all professional sports...aka who wants to watch a bunch of millionaires do what i used to do as fun when I was a kid).

one of the text blurbs was something like: good job italy for winning the world cup. at least this makes up for WWII.

1. it was informational since I didn't know they won

2. i thought it was an amusing comment

3:59 PM  

Carmel, what a match! The penalties were smooth. Congratulations and viva Italia!

7:21 PM  

Thank god soccer is over! now we can go back to ignoring it again hahaha :) Sorry Soccer is just so boring. I will never let my kids play.

Congrats to Italy I guess, I love their food

8:36 PM  

I wish I could say I watched the game but...nah. Soccer in America ranks somewhere behind professional golf. Yay Italy anyway!

9:02 PM  

the linguini would have been delicious lol.

At least there is an American soccer team who didn't miss it.

It was a good game I agree.

I don't know a whole lot about soccer, I played it some, forgot some of the rules and only watch the world cup every 4 years lol.

It was smooth and all good, except for when one guy head butted the other but that's not unusual. I'm glad you enjoyed it too.

Oh it's that boring? lol, I don't think Americans get into it much by the sounds. Some sports are boring to watch, I can't stand watching the cricket.

I heard it's not popular there and it sounds like it's not. Oh well, the other parts of the globe can enjoy it, maybe the US will catch on ;)

12:34 AM  

Congratulations... even tho I was going for France :( lol.

It was a good game.

3:33 AM  

Hey, David, I'm in PA and I watched it! And I don't even have cable tv!

5:25 AM  

Hi Carmel :)
I am just busting your chops, well not really haha :) we americans like scoring and excitement soccer has neither.

Never seen Cricket, have you ever played it? How about squash?

7:15 AM  

Interesting how Americans in general just don't care about international soccer.

10:53 AM  

Do Americans care about any soccer, because I know I don't

2:35 PM  

Well, I caught the match, and it was a good one. Viva Italia!

-- david

5:52 PM  

I must admitt-

I'm glad Italy won though---
Soccer, like any other sport, needs 2 B celebrated!!!


8:29 PM  

I actually saw part of this game... I was pulling for Italy! :)

4:07 PM  

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