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Saturday, July 01, 2006

While I was away

Collins street (above) and "The Block Arcade" (below)

Hey everyone! I have been away for the past week for anyone who has noticed my absence! If you haven't noticed it's probably normal of you.
Last monday I left with my family to the city of Melbourne. We were originally supposed to stay a couple of nights, but as it happened, we were having too much fun and wanted to stay the whole week.
Melbourne is gorgeous, it's my favorite city and I would love to hang out there more often. I love the old fashioned streets, the quiet little underground bookstores and the whole victorian era feel. There are the most gorgeous little cafe's on every street and the old Church buildings are amazing.
I bought some gifts at the St.Francis bookstore, buying gifts is always fun, they had a sale, but everything I wanted was not included in this sale, so I spent a pretty penny.
We arrived on monday night and the streets were full of Australian socceroo's supporters, I was sad to hear that we lost :( but we sure played a good game. I felt like dressing up in an Australian flag and painting my face green and yellow, but my family did not want to participate and I did not want to go out in a big crowd by myself, even though I can handle myself.
On one of those days there, it was my dads birthday, although he has passed away, I will remember every birthday and will not say "would have been his birthday" because every June XX date "is". I thought about him alot that day and what he would say at certain things. It really stood out to me that he will not be there for the next big things in my life. What about when I get married or have another baby? But all my life is in God's hands and i'm thankful for all of it. I have my mother who loves me alot and is very special. Not to mention God above and the love from Our lady. And of course, our loved ones who die in Christ will always be with us. God see's the whole thing and we cannot comprehend it, but it's all good. And i'm not the only one on earth who is missing someone, so I should shut up about it, to be quite honest. All ups and downs of life bring out strengths and weaknesses within us. I remember one certain celebrity talking about dealing with her sisters illness, and said "I just couldnt put on the happy face front" I remember saying the same thing to some people I worked with, I used to be a part of a childrens Christian production group, we would perform acts for children on stage and sometimes travel too, it was fun and easy for me, until I went through my dads illness, being one of the main characters, I was on stage performing and when it was done someone said "you didn't seem into it". I remember saying, "I just cant put on the happy face thing" and I quit. It's interesting how we are all so different and unique, but when we have been down simmilar paths, we can identify almost exact feelings with someone you don't know.
I'm going to leave you with some photos that I took. I was not going to have any pictures taken of me because I am sick, I have a cold and my nose is red, so no happy healthy snaps of me, Melbourne is more interesting believe me. I was sick the whole time but still managed to get out there and have fun, i'm still sick but it's almost gone.
By the way, none of my graphics are working, I don't know what's wrong with them and right now I don't care, ok I do care, it's geocities, they are pains, if you know a "FREE" photo hosting site thingy, please email me . I will try to fix them later.
I see some new readers, I like you!!! I have read some of your blogs too, I like it when people take the time to want to know what I have to say, even if it's not all that interesting and exciting. My friends are like that too, they listen to me, I am lucky. I will have to catch up on all the blog news now that i'm back.
PS- a blog worth reading: Nicene Hobbit's Hole I like his style, and of course like him too.
Congrats to David Bennett on the new job.
God bless you all.

Flinders St. Station

Swanston Street (St.Pauls Cathedral on the right)

Just a snap.

All photos by me of course, as you can tell i'm no expert behind a cam.

posted by Grace B at 6:33 PM


Nice to have you back Carmel! I was sorry for Asutralia as well to lose, but hey, now Italy will play Germany what is your bet? The whole country here is upside down.
I am jealous, want to be in Melbourne again at some point!

11:55 AM  

Hey Carmel,

It is so wonderful to have you back to blogland. I have really missed your posts.

I am sorry to hear about the pain of your dad's passing. You are right, sometimes it is very hard to put on a happy face.

Rest assured that your dad will be with you on all the big events of your life. He is closer to God now, and so closer to you. Ask him to pray for you.

Sorry to hear you were sick in Melbourne, but it's nice you still managed to go out and enjoy it!

with loads & loads of love & prayers,

*hugs you*


3:12 PM  

Welcome back to Blogland, you were sorely missed!

I understand what you mean about being his birthday not was his birthday. A friend of mine had her mom (or mum ;) ) walk her down the aisle. I think lighting candles at your wedding for past relatives would be a nice way to show he is still with you. I believe our dad's will see everything and participate in them in ways we couldn't.
Glad to hear you had a good time. Love your pictures. It looks like it was a good time. Someday when I have unlimited funds I'd love to travel around the world and visit Melbourne and other places in Australia.

I hope you are feeling better.

4:27 PM  

My bet to win is Italy lol, but I love Germany too, I heard they are better players than Italy though. I'm still upset about Australia losing boo hooo.

Thank you! Or should I say Chronia? hehe. Thank you for your kind thoughts, i'm happy that my dad is closer to God. Yes I had a great time in Melbourne.

I hope that you get to come down under at some point! I'm sure you would love it, maybe we can all go together some day. Ciao x

1:25 AM  

I would love to visit Australia someday. You going to live there after you get married?

I am so glad someone likes my taste in music ha

5:00 PM  

Phat's I will live in the USA. I always hear great music on your blog. Enjoy your time away.

1:51 AM  

Thank you for sharing your trip to Melbourne and the nice photos! Welcome back.

10:26 AM  

You're welcome St.P's
and thanks

5:05 PM  

You're being modest. Those pictures look really nice.

9:56 PM  

Oh Jack thank you! Now I will get a big head about it lol.

12:32 AM  

I'd love to go there!

1:34 PM  

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