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Saturday, June 17, 2006

The "sides"

I was reading an interesting article about use of the left and right side of the brain and how we process information in different ways. We have a dominant side of our brain, which we use to process our information more than the less dominate. The learning process is enhanced when we use all of the senses.
The website that I was reading was encouraging the reader to start also using and paying attention the less dominant style.

Check out and learn about the different ways our brain processes information here

Why am I reading about this? I don't know, I just take interest in very random things sometimes. I miss study and learning I guess. I was also reading on emotionally abusive relationships because I never understood how someone could emotionally abuse someone to the point of them feeling less confident about who they are. It's interesting and sad how someone can choose certain words to make themselves appear as they are trying to teach you something, but in fact, they are making you feel inferior. It's so twisty. Anyway enough of this I should get more sleep!
posted by Grace B at 2:30 AM


Both sides of my brain appreciated this information! I'm fascinated by how complex our brains are ... I think we have much left to learn about this stuff.

-- david

8:22 AM  

I took several right brain/left brain tests in high school and early college, and I was radically right brained.

In order to strengthen my left side, I did a lot of math puzzles and such...and I didn't shy away from the math courses in college.

Several years later, I took a genuine IQ test and I learned that I was strong in both verbal and mathmatical thought. I think working for a few years in corporate finance also helped even out my brain power.

So people can work on their brains.

2:36 PM  

Hey, long time no speak :)
I like to read about random things like that, the abusive relationship thing particularly cause I like to know about people.
That brain thing is also interesting.

I hope you have been well, I have just had many exams; right now I'm not a fan of learning hehe.

10:54 AM  

what are the chances I could get you to say

A dingo ate my baby mate?

11:17 AM  

Did you know also, that the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, and visa versa. And thus if you are right handed, your dominant side of the briam will most likely be the left? It really is interesting stuff!

6:32 AM  

As a lefty, I've always assumed I'm right-brain dominant but who knows? The brain is still unexplored terrority medical wise. Each part is responsible for some action and if one part is damaged the other parts may work perfectly fine (we did a whole half-semester on this in Speech and Phonetics class).

7:31 AM  

I liked your site Carmel...Cool how we know so much, and yet so little about the brain...what a mystery we are!

And I've met emotional abusers before. Once you know how they work (especially when you tell the diff. between a real teacher and a person who tries to be superior), you can recognize them very well...and stay away!

6:25 PM  

Hi, Carmel. I join Cinnamon Spider in saying, "Long time no speak."

The article you read about learning being enhanced when you use all the senses is, to me, one more argument for the use of incense and bells at Mass! :)

1:54 PM  

I don't have time 2 look in2 all of that right now, but I will-it looks interesting ;]


10:20 AM  

The more I read about the emerging details of the brain, the more I am in awe of our possibilities as human beings.

Except Phoenix. He's tapped out. (heheheh)

-- david

11:34 AM  

Hi Carmel, it is indeed interesting to study about how the human brain works. I have always interested in psychology studies. Learning is fun. I love to increase our knowledge. This is great.

9:04 AM  

I just saw something on tv the other day about a girl who had a hemispherectomy. She had the side of the brain removed that normally controls the creative process and has since learned to draw. Amazing.

10:37 AM  

I sometimes feel like i don't have a brain anymore

10:00 PM  

I'm the same way. I get interested in something totally off the wall for me. It is interesting though. I haven't checked out the site yet but now I'm curious. I wonder is there ways to develop the undominant side of your brain? Going now to read the site :p

11:19 AM  

I can certainly relate to that!

4:04 AM  

I was in a mentally abusive marriage when I was 18-22 yrs. old. Mental abuse doesn't start out full blown, it's a gradual thing that happens. My first husband used to tell me that nobody would ever love me the way he did. that I was fat and ugly. he would probably have gotten really physically abusive given the chance. Had it not been for my supportive family I wouldn't have left him. I'd probably still be married to him with kids. Thank God I didn't have kids with the dude. Mental abuse sucks and it's usually perpetrated by people who are super insecure.

9:23 AM  

that is very interesting...

i think it's interesting when people say "i'm left brained" as if they never used the right side at all.

i don't's all just semantics. or is it?

--RC of

9:58 AM  

It's always amazing how the brain processes information and I've seen studies about the creative side versus the logical side and I always find myself lingering on them until I realize I've been stunting my own brain development by watching too much TV.

4:16 PM  

Hi, Carmel.

Hope you're doing well. Miss seeing you in blogosphere.

Re: left/right brain...I'm strongly right brain, but like Phoenix took a lot of math and science at university. Hence, I now test somewhere in the middle.


7:33 PM  

Obviously, it's the left-handers who are in ther right mind ;-).

2:32 AM  

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