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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

If I were a Brady

The closest i'll ever be to a Brady is that my surname has 2 of the same letters Brady does.
Thanks to
LYL I thought I would have fun with the Brady quiz thing. I'm no Marcia but it was fun (I wanted to be Greg)
You Are Marcia Brady

Confident yet kind. Popular yet down to earth. You're a total dream girl.
You've got the total package - no wonder everyone's a little jealous of you.
What Brady Are You?

Some one said to me "You women carry all sorts of things in your purses" well that's what they are for!
I think the weirdest thing I had in my purse was a sock, I went to pick up my hankercheif and reached for a "clean" sock. Oh well. As you can see, I carry my wallet (money goes where I go), lip gloss for those chappy days, a pen (with no paper) and one earring, why one earring? I lost the other one. Oh and I manage to just squeeze my phone in. Nice purse huh ;)
I have so many nice photos of Melbourne I just want to add one more that I tried to be a bit creative with, dont laugh!

posted by Grace B at 9:48 PM


Hmmm...I turned out to be Bobby! :)

5:59 AM  

okay ~ the bible says that confession is good for the soul SOOoooo . . . here goes nothing . . .

i have what my son and now my wife even calls a "purse" . . . its actually a leather bag that i keep all of my gagets in . . . palm, digital camera, cell phone, keys, wallet, and iPOD in . . . WELL . . . anyway, my "purse" is bigger than yours (i'm feeling weird about that . . . (but not weird enough to give up my purse!!) . . .

that's my confession . . . BUT its not a prayer of repentance . . . because i'm not giving up my (man's) purse!!!!

8:07 AM  

hello there Marcia Marica Marcia!

I got Peter
You're cute, energetic, and a loyal friend to many.
And while you may not have super model hair, you hold your own in grooviness.

I think that's so right on.

nice purse

3:56 PM  

Bobby is the smart one!
I used to have a bigger purse but I kept stuffing it with things that I didn't need. I think it's a perfectly fine thing for a man to have a purse. I want an ipod to go with my purse too.
Nice confession! Since you are not repentant I won't give you any penance ;)

You hold your own grooviness indeed.

5:36 PM  

I haven't done the Brady quiz yet, but I'm shooting for Jan. She seemed to smart!

8:08 AM  

Who's Brady? A Tv character?
I don't carry a purse/bag round aren't I strange. I just put my phone and money in my pocket. I might buy a cool little bag and start using it.

8:49 AM  

I've always had a crush on Marcia.

10:02 AM  

your wallet is as big as your purse!

my wife recently switched to a bigger purse. I am psyched, b/c it allows us to jam more snacks into her purse when we go to the movies

6:48 PM  

I liked Jan too, actually I liked all of them and wanted to be in their family lol.

I think maybe you are too young to know who the Brady's were. It was a 70's tv show, i'm not sure if it screened in the UK either.
I always carry my purse! although I love the freedom on not taking it with me sometimes.

The Marcia crush! I heard she is a country singer now.

lol that's funny. My wallet looks bigger than my purse in this picture lol. It fits in comfortably, everything else just sqeezes in.

8:54 PM  

David, my ds has a bag that he carries all his stuff in too. His young (male) cousin has started as well. So, its a concept that is spreading!

Carmel, I'm glad I'm the smart one, LOL!

7:16 AM  

So that's where the matching sock goes when it's in the dryer.

Another mystery solved.

3:53 PM  

congrats!!!! Italy is the world champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:22 PM  

The smart one is the best one to be! I can't remeber well, but I hope Marcia was smart lol.

yeah you're right! I lose socks always.

Thank you, it must be wild there in Germany x

4:40 PM  

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