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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

After Abortion

Thousands of women are grieving after their abortion. Many are not understood and have not been able to have their grief acknowledged, nor been given the opportunity to heal.
Over the past two years, I really started to focus some of my energies into reading and writing (writing on my blog) on pro-life issues. I mainly focused on abortion, and why it was wrong. There are many reasons, we feel for the lost lives. But we also need to understand the pain that comes after abortion. I must admit that I have not written about those issues for a long time.
I do not know the pain of abortion, but I have read numerous stories. While buying some gifts at a bookstore recently, I was given a card which had some words written on it about helping women (not forgetting the men) after abortion. I lost it unfortunately, but it inspired me to read a little more and pray more for the pain that lingers in the lives of these women, who sometimes have made the choice to terminate their pregnancy, or who have been forced to do so, by a parent, boyfriend etc.
In addition, I began reading over the net and my heart really went out to "Gina". I found her story on
Rachel's Vineyard, you can find her story Here.
Gina was forced to have an abortion by her father, who was only doing what he thought was the right thing to do. The problem was never discussed, so Gina had no opportunity to express or process her grief and pain.
Thankfully though, she was able to get help from Rachels' Vineyard and go into family counseling with her parents.
I found that this story shows how her parents tried to reach for the "quick fix" option, which they later discovered was far from it, because of their daughters psychological pain, and life long grief.
Abortion supporters, will often argue that there is more trauma involved when a woman is made to have an unwanted child. But there is no research to support this.
There are no such studies to show that women who give birth suffer more psychological injury than women who have abortions. A woman who is stuck and can not keep her child, has the adoption option also, this should be an option that is given, while understanding that a grieving mother will be reminded of her loss, every time there is a baby advertisement on TV, pictures in magazines, news of family members, friends etc giving birth announcements. It's going to be a life long grief. These women who experience this grief can get help and can heal. There are hundreds and thousands of testimonies.
In conclusion, there is help available, the Catholic Church has offered "Project Rachel" and there are numerous other organizations, so , if you know someone who is experiencing this pain and they need healing, there is help available. Here are two links which I have chosen and in my opinion look to be great. God loves all and can heal all wounds.
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Amen! Abortion is wrong.

9:56 PM  

I think people don't realize the emotional impact abortion has even years later...the guilt must be incredible.

5:14 PM  

Kristiesue, thanks it's always nice having someone agree with me!

Pheonix, yes, it's a problem that isnt talked about enough "before" the decision is made.

9:41 PM  

I know what you mean. Abortion is an issue I've never felt comfortable speaking about (being a man) but it always seemed wrong to me from the minute I knew what it was and while I've never been personally involved in one I know several women (girls really, at the time) who have had them - even in my own family. Its something thats always there and yet people are afraid to talk about it (most people I think) because if they do they will be seen as either rightwing crazies who are intolerant (if they're against it) or being a tool of pro-lifers (just see the way women who regret their abortions like the "Silent No More" group or those who no longer agree with it like Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe) are treated like dirt by the prominent women's groups like NOW.

10:02 PM  

Very well said, I also know a couple of girls who have experienced it also. It's sad all round. I havent' heard of the group NOW. I might check them out.

12:30 AM  

I was cycling July 4th, 2006, in Topeka, KS, trying to find-out why they didn’t have a ‘Go Fourth’ at WU, and found a dead, baby doll with one arm on Mayberry Street, the other one was broken-off. I guess you could make TEN-thousand-one statements of what that symbolizes. I hung it up on a hook, which is how I wanna be martyred (hung, shot, guillotined, or pulled-apart by four-horses when a shotgun is fired. Guess you‘d call that ‘Quarter-Horsing-Around’ HawrHawr).

Nevertheless, my interpretation is this: America, in her infancy, with all of her idolatry, has no bloody idea of how much we owe the King of Kings, God Almighty, for our well-being in this Land-of-the-Free; That also makes me realize, by her lying broken in the street, how flagrantly callous we are toward the unborn, as the girls in short-shorts practically wanna. “Who the hell’s God? Do I even need Him?” they proclaim. Yep. You're going far. There were monks, too, in the Middle Ages, even now, who have literal skulls on their desk to remind them they’re passing-away into the dust of yesterday. If you don’t know, don’t even care, far too concerned with your cheap car, clothes, cash, condoms, calumny… “SoBeIt,” saith the Trinity. “Let the Angel of Death descend.”

I'm very angry due to our happy, intoxicated society which has replaced God with MSNBC.

IN HOC SIGNO + VINCES: Crux Sacre Sit Mihi Lux! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!!!

9:51 AM  

Let's not forget that women die embracing this "choice."

Somehow I doubt that the ones whose abortions were legal are any better off than the ones whose abortions were the old-fashioned illegal kind. They're all just as dead.

Is a shredded fetus really such a wonderful thing that it's worth paying for with your life?

7:50 AM  

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