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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Bride

I think that my mother made a beautiful bride, although i'm biased here, and we all think that about our mothers, or at least the nice mothers. =)
posted by Grace B at 8:52 PM


My mother was such a beautiful bride! I still have their wedding photos.

9:26 PM  

okay . . . i agree . . . your mother looks great . . . BUT . . .

can i say "but" at such a sacred moment as this?? opps, i think i already did . . .

. . . but as is traditional . . . the gals in the bride's maids dresses look . . . ummm . . . well loose the "flash" pink . . . LOL

i qm really just being playful or more correctly devilish . . .

it is so nice to have cherished pictures of our loved ones like this . . . they so help me understand an older technology used by the "early church fathers" . . . of the people/saints they loved, respected, and remembered with passion along this journey . . . icons!

10:17 PM  

St.P's I love the old family photos, i'm sure your mother was absolutely beautiful.

David, LOL I think pink just has to remain a girly colour! That's a great concept with the Early Church Fathers. God bless you!

11:40 PM  

love this picture carmel! your mother was a beautiful bride.

I'll have to post one of my mum... also a beautiful bride.

Can't wait to see your wedding pictures....soon? ;)

12:46 AM  

aww! Is that your mum?! How beautiful!!

7:52 AM  


10:24 AM  

Maria, I would love to see a photo of your mum! They used to show us off as babies so it can be our turn to show them off now.

Thanks, I can't wait to see you as Mrs.Chris...very soon!

Thank you so much, =)

4:12 PM  

As a lover of all things vintage I have to say that I am really digging her hair!!!

5:08 PM  

There's something that seems more lasting about older pictures, and it's not the style of the times (hair, clothes,etc).

I can't figure it out, but it's still pretty cool.

6:41 PM  

pictures from parental marriages are funny, because you can usually get a chuckle out of hairstyles from back then. the 70's and 80's were the best for funny hair pictures!

7:46 PM  

Gorgeous, Carmel, she looked so stunning :)

4:09 AM  

How pretty!
I have never had a real wedding dress, ........
That's probably why my life seems soooo screw'd up! :"(


6:42 AM  

Aww she does look beautiful :)

9:19 AM  

Wow, what a beautiful photo! That's awesome that you have that. I have no photos of my mothers wedding to my father.

9:36 AM  

that's pretty cool you have a picture like this to post and share.

--RC of

11:42 AM  

I can't wait for yours. :)

9:02 AM  

Carmel, your mom is gorgeous here! And you know, you have some of her features! (but you have your own unique beauty too!)
I love wedding pictures (and weddings)!

6:32 PM  

Beautiful indeed.

Ever notice that despite the fact that we now have digital cameras and can airbrush any flaws, old photos from generations past always look classier than todays?

4:01 PM  

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