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Friday, July 14, 2006

Not much to tell you!

Well I don't really have much to tell you. I have been sick for the last couple of days and a bit tired. HOWEVER!!! I have some new links that I have added, one of them is Real Choice by Christina and a link to where she referred me which is Cemetary Of Choice
At Cemetary of choice I found
Stacie Zallie's story which you might like to read.
Apart from links and being sick I watched a great movie last night called The Count of Monte Cristo
Starring James Cazievel

He is as many know the actor who played Jesus is "Passion of the Christ" I read a little about him while checking out the movie reviews, here are two things he has said in interviews that I like:

"We always went to Mass. No matter what, we always went. It has always been a safe-keeper for all of us and the one thing that's been very consistent in our lives. I think the old saying, 'The family that prays together, stays together,' is very true," he says.

"I have no doubt that God put me in this business. When I was a teenager in a movie theater in my hometown, I felt this huge pain in my chest, like a voice saying, 'Please get into this business—this is what I need for you to do.' And I asked, 'But who am I? I know nothing about acting. I don't know any actors. I've never taken any classes,'"

So if you are interested in a good movie that's my recommendation.
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I like him a lot! He was also in Pay It Forward. :)

That was a good quote. I wish I could get a pain in my chest that would tell me to be a rockstar :P

:) Glad youre feeling better Carmel!


4:46 AM  

LOL, well you never know.
Thanks i'm glad to feel better I think it was gastroentritis or however that is spelled. It's going around. My brother is sick today as it has passed on from one person to the next, both my brothers have got on my nerves this week so I am waiting for the other to get it too so I can watch.

9:24 PM  

hope everyone feels better!

4:18 AM  

That movie was awesome! It is one of my favorites! I did not realize that it was he who played Jesus I am going to have to watch it again now. LOL!

4:06 PM  

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