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Saturday, July 15, 2006

5 Silly Things about Me

I have been tagged by Thomas, otherwise known as the
American Papist with this 5 silly things about me tag. There are lots of silly things about me. So here are only 5,

1. I cannot play the game "Bingo" without getting upset when I lose, which, I always lose, so I always get upset.

2. I have to brush my teeth before my morning shower, I am not sure why, it's just a silly thing about me.

3. I saw a butcher cut up a poor piggy, now I havent been able to eat meat for the past 3 weeks or so.

4. I complain about a sore neck and back but never do anything about it.

5. I buy things that I don't need when I go shopping.

I hope you didn't die of boredom. I am a little stuck for time right now (and have a sore neck lol) so if you are reading, you are therefore officially tagged by me.
God bless x
posted by Grace B at 10:33 PM


Just wanted to tell you this is such a great blog and keep up the great work.

12:30 PM  

If you buy things you don't need while shopping then you are an advertiser's dream & I'm with you on the teeth-brushing as it should be one of if the not the first thing that happens after waking up.

5:13 PM  

Happy feast day Carmel!

7:45 PM  

I swear I left a message saturday!
Hahaaa! Luv the list!
I hate 2 loose at bingo 2
My step-son brushes his teeth in my shower-it drives me crazy
When do U get 2 come to the U.S.?
It's really HOT here ...going to be 90 degrees today! Beach day!

8:07 AM  

lose-loose hahaaaa!

8:08 AM  

I have a pseudo-muslim friend (he was born and raised muslim, although not really practicing anymore), and I always extoll the virtues of pork. I tell him how tasy and versatile that meat is. I also tell him if you are going to eat pork, the first thing you should try is bacon...after you eat that, there is no turning back!

7:36 PM  

That's very interesting about bingo haha. It's such a game of chance i imagine you get upset a lot.

9:17 PM  

Don't we all do #5?

12:17 PM  

i hate bingo, a lot of time for the opportunity to say a silly word.

sounds like you need to not shop...who wants things they don't need?

--RC of

2:12 AM  

I think we don't have to win all the time. Sometimes it's the joy of playing and the companionship of the game that counts.

9:35 AM

6:34 PM  

Aww I am similar to you like with the bingo thing and buying pointless stuff.

8:33 AM  

Number two is the first thing I do when I get up in the morning. If I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I usually do it then too.

10:23 AM  

I buy things that I don't need too, and most of the time should not indulge in... for lack of funds!

You should treat your self to a massage! Not too expensive, and man do they help with the sore neck and back!

3:58 PM  

Re not being able to eat meat. It reminds me of my first pregnancy. I couldn't go through the butcher section of the supermarket without getting nauseous. I didn't eat meat for several months.

I made up for it by eating pints and pints of Haagen Dazs.

9:09 AM  

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