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Saturday, July 29, 2006

The five by five thing

It seems that the number 5 is popular these days, and I have been tagged by Maria, the writer of a blog I frequent called Dialogue
It's a Five by five meme, so here I go

Five Things in my Freezer (yes I went to take a good look)

1. frozen peas
2. frozen bread
3. Ice Cream
4. frozen spinach
5. Pastry

Five Things in my Closet

1. Clothes, all my good ones especially
2. scented sachets (to make my clothes smell nice)
3. some old casettes that I don't use.
4. some boxes containing photos, cards and keepsakes
5. Old handbags, I have too many so I hide them in there.

Five Items in my Car.

1. running shoes, I keep them there because I run almost every day.
2. lip gloss
3. hair scrunchie
4. air freshener
5. An eyore bobble head

Five interesting things in my backpack

I only use a backpack when I travel so when I travel my 5 things are
1. Travel diary
2. Phone
3. beauty supplies
4. tissues (all ladies must pack tissues)
5. Some kind of reading material

I now want to tag some bloggers, no obligation of course.

fatwonkkid who I will add to my links section since I have to scramble through my comments to find him.

Lyl Perhaps you can do this Lyl when you get back from your trip!

The Pheonix if he has time to read my blog when he is not busy rising from the ashes.

Jack when your wrist is feeling better.

Last but not least Sir Barrett who may not even see that he is tagged since he occaisionally reads my other blog, but he's new and I want to have him be tagged even if he doesnt know it.

So there you have it, if you have a burning desire to be tagged and I have not tagged you, be tagged, go forth and expose your 5 things to the world.
God bless.
posted by Grace B at 12:33 AM


I found this awesome
"An eyore bobblehead"

That's awesome

Never been a fan of running myself.

12:56 PM  

so i am not quite up to date on these new fangled internet rules like you whippersnappers are, so what are the rules of engagement for tagging?

5:25 PM  

oh fatwonkkid, no pressure, you are to answer the 4 questions on your blog, if you want to. Here they are:

1. Five Things in my Freezer
2. Five things in my closet
3. Five items in my car
4. Five interesting things in my backpack.

5:41 PM  

Man, I wish I could run everyday.

It's been far too humid to run these days -- but I've been doing a lot more swimming.

Thanks for doing the meme!

6:47 PM  

There's some coffee ice cream in our freezer but I can't get any! Only the occasional ice cube now and then.

I don't have a closet or a car or a backpack either. [sigh]


8:56 PM  

I find it odd -- even though I do the same thing -- that people will name items in their freezer and say "frozen peas" or "frozen bread." It's in the freezer ... isn't saying "frozen" redundant?

-- david

11:24 AM  

what flavor ice cream??? you can't leave us hanging like that! lol!

3:24 PM  

I'll do it...except for the car part - I don't have a car (heck I don't even drive).

3:59 PM  

Maria, I find it hard to make time to run, but I have been ok so far thank goodness. I hope it cools down a bit soon over there!

hopefully some ice cream from the freezer drops into your bowl!

I thought that exact thing as I was typing the frozen stuff lol.

I wish that I could say it was a wonderful exotic flavour, but it's vanilla, although I add chocolate syrup!

You are one of the lucky ones who does not have to pay for this fuel, which seems to cost the price of gold these days!

10:00 PM  

Fun lists.

3:34 PM  

IceCream .. hmm a must have !
No Napkins in the car?
aww @ travel diary

8:38 PM  

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