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Monday, October 23, 2006

Rambling on as I do

Well I really haven't had too much interesting things to tell you lately i'm afraid. Sorry about that. At the moment i've been concentrating on something that i'm waiting in the mail, I can't say what it is just yet, but hopefully I can tell you soon.
I can really feel summer comming on, it's starting to get hot, we could use some rain over here too, there are some very drought stricken areas, it's quite a disaster. But we are still officially in spring, just a hotter than normal one.
All the seasons have been considerably warmer and it has killed a lot of the coral on the
Great barrier reef which is so sad because it's so beautiful.
I have been reading for years about global warming is increasing the ocean temprature and it's caused a lot of coral to die.
Well that's about all my rambling, it's short and I promise more next week when I am able to concentrate on the things I want to concentrate on. By the way, i'm not proof reading my post so excuse any mistakes.
Blog ya later!
posted by Grace B at 6:42 PM


Wow I am excited to see what you are going to receive in the mail. it's not a mail order husband is it? David? ha!

I will trade you our winter for your summer :) would love to visit Australia sometime, it's absolutely beautiful, and would love to go to the Aussie Open

7:25 PM  

Carmel - Ramble on to your heart's content. I love your ramblings:)

It's interesting, even though I read a couple of blogs from Australians and my uncle lives in Brazil, it's always a shock when I see someone mention summer beginning...

... when tonight will be our first 'freeze'!

Wanna swap?

11:14 PM  

Hi Carmel!
It's really sad what you said about the coral.
You have always much interesting things to tell.
I linked your blog.

6:55 AM  

I forget that our seasons are flip-flopped and that is too bad about the Reef as I still want to and will visit it one day.

Good luck waiting and I hope you get what you want when it arrives.

12:13 PM  

Summer---I wish!
It is freezing outside!
Brrr. No beach today.
Good luck with the mail==
hope U get what u'r waiting 4.
: )

8:06 PM  

Great barrier reef.Studied and forgot
in the school itself.

good day Carmel :)

1:07 AM  

Carmel, my son figured out what I was doing that prevented me from embedding YouTube videos. All I had to do was click on the "Edit HTML" tag instead of "Compose" when posting the code.

6:26 PM  


1:32 AM  

Is david the name of the mail order husband? lol. Come on over to Australia for the Australian open, i'm sure you would love it, bring lots of sunscreen though it can get hot.

Well that is just lovely, thank you. Yeah our countries are all different when it comes to weather.

Thank you! I'll link to you too asap!

Come on over! I'm sure you'll love it.

It's cold here today now lol.

Deepak, thanks for the smile! No moustache now I notice.

thanks! it's good to finally work out why everyone else could do it and we were the only 2 who couldn't, LOL

4:21 PM  

doesn't that just make you sick about the global warming. I get so sad about it and I almost go into a panic attack thinking what the world is going to be like for our kids and theirs. I'm excited for you that you are moving forward in your life plans with your honey. that is blessed and wonderful news! Good luck!

10:54 PM  

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