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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Catholic Tradition

I have found some beautiful links in the site
Catholic Tradition one beautiful thing I have discovered is Museum Lisieux dedicated to St.Therese of Lisieux, it's their biggest musuem on the site.
Another is the St.Joseph gallery I found some beautiful images of St.Joseph, mostly that I have not seen before, along with Holy Family images.
They also have wonderful background images for your desktop some of them are here .

Happy Feast day of St.Francis of Assisi, there are images of him too
posted by Grace B at 9:04 PM


(I am the first)
Have u heard of a pilgrimage place called "Velamkanni" in India.
Virgin mary is the main deity there.

2:33 AM
think you might like this dear, it's about the film Therese, a great film
funny this conversation between france and Australia...the web may be a marvellous place...

4:44 PM  

Did you ever see the Mickey Rourke movie about St.Francis of Assisi? I'm pretty sure that was who he portrayed.

6:55 PM  

I looked at some of the pictures in the Museum Lisieux and they are beautiful. And there is much there one can learn.

7:28 PM  

Are you going to have a catholic wedding? Sorry if that is too personal

11:07 PM  

Those are some very cool images, I am currently planning to tattoo my right arm in completely biblical art.

I dunno if you remember the jesus tattoo or not lol

12:04 AM  

No I haven't but thank you i'll look it up.
Thanks! That is so nice of you, i'll certainly check it.
no I haven't seen it, what is it called?
Oh great! I was hoping someone would check it out and actually like it!! That's why I posted it in the first place. Having someone tell me they actually checked it has made me happy!
You are certainly not asking a too personal question, you can ask what you like. Yes i'm having a Catholic wedding, surprisey!!
That tattoo sounds like a great idea, you will have to show us on your blog. If ever one of your friends leaves their bibles at home, they could use your arm (joking) Yes I do remember the Jesus tatt you got, it's very well done.

12:23 AM  

Congratulations! You have a refreshingly beautiful blog. I too am a Catholic and I am very happy to come across someone not afraid to speak about the faith. God bless you! c",)

4:17 AM  

Thanks Irene!

4:45 PM  

I believe it's called "Francesco" and made around 89 or 90.

11:22 AM  

I'll look it up now thanks

10:09 PM  

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