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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pope to meet muslim Diplomats

Pope Benedict XVI is due to meet Muslim diplomats in Rome as part of the Catholic church's latest effort to mend relations with the Islamic world.

Federico Lombardi, Benedict's spokesman, said the meeting on Monday, at the Vatican's summer residence, was "certainly a sign that dialogue is returning to normal after moments of ... misunderstanding."

More here : Pope to meet Muslim Diplomats

I think this will go well, as it was all taken out of context.
posted by Grace B at 11:11 PM


Let us hope that there will be a solution

3:00 AM  

Hi there Carmel.... whats new with religions taking each others words out of "context????" He meant well and thats what we need to focus on... the Muslim world is angry and probably have reason to be, the Pope meant well thats all from me, over and out.

8:47 AM  

cooler heads WILL prevail!!!

9:31 AM  

It's a good sign that the Pope is making this effort. I hope this controversy dies down soon and we can all move on...

11:39 AM  

oh please...are you telling me that you think the Pope's words are less offsensive than the president of Iran saying the jews and Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth? If that is the case, you should really reconsider your position*

* it is hard to tell, but please not the oozing amounts of sarcasm!

4:47 PM  

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