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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Fathers day

Happy fathers day to all the dads, it's fathers day in Australia and it's been nice to think of all the great jobs fathers do, and step fathers, adoptive fathers etc.
On fathers day I always remember God the father, and have been doing a great novena to God the father, I can't find it on the net but have it in a book, so if you want it just email me.

Also to the Americans, happy labour day!

Here is something bizarre
US student who sued school officials after he was made to censor his T-shirt that labeled President George W Bush "Chicken-Hawk-In-Chief" and a former alcohol and cocaine abuser won an appeal yesterday to wear the shirt to school.

I am all for strictly uniforms in schools, this is a good reason why. School should soley be about education and learning to follow rules. I don't care that he is a former drug user, I don't think that is relevant, what bothers me is the rest. However, some court judge did not think so.

Oh and I also love this teaching from the Holy father regarding married couples that I got via St.Peters Helpers I'm not married but think the Pope brings up a wonderful point. How thoughtful! This makes me think of my parents and their sacrifice of being married and putting up with 4 rowdy children! Terrible teenagers too I might add.

On married couples
We should learn to accept, whether we are priests or married persons, the need to endure the crisis of change, of the other, the crisis of when it seems one can no longer stay together or proceed as before.Married couples should learn to learn together how to move ahead, if only for the love of their children, and in so doing, to get to know each other anew, love each other anew with a love that is much more profound and much more genuine. Thus love truly matures, through a long course, beset with suffering.I think we priests can learn from married couples, from their suffering and sacrifice. Often we think that only celibacy is sacrifice. But in getting to learn the sacrifices ofmarried persons - think of raising children, the problems that arise from that, the fears, the suffering, the ailments, rebelliousness, or just think of the first years of having children, with sleepless nights attending to crying babies - there is much we can learn from their sacrifices, and our own sacrifices.
posted by Grace B at 4:14 PM


Parenting is heroic.

6:29 PM  

yupp @ uniforms .. there's a reason why schools should have uniforms .. it gets rid of the difference between rich kids wearing GAP and EXPRESS clothes and the poor ones who wear Walmart .. everyone is equal when it comes to Uniforms ..

7:53 PM  

Hi Carmal,
Convey my regards to your father on this occasion of Fathers day.
Regarding uniforms I totally agree with you.
May I invite you to celebrate onam with other Keralites around the world.
Happy Onam.

11:14 PM  

Happy Father's Day Carmel! I shall keep the remembrance of you father in prayer.

Thank you for the link. God bless you.

11:16 PM  

Happy Father's Day to all fathers in Australia!

4:08 AM  

You cover a lot of ground here, and Father's Day is always worth a good mentioned.

I'm not sure I'm with you on the uniform thing, but neither would I have worn either of those shirts you mentioned.

Still, you do need to know the rules because they do occasionally need to be broken.

1:50 PM  

How right anonymous!

Yeah that too, it solves many problems like that.

Hi, thank you for your nice words, and thanks for the invitation to celebrate Onam!

Thank you so very much, that means a lot to me.


I cover a lot of ground because naturally I talk too much!

7:28 PM  

I dunno about the whole uniform makes me a tad uneasy, especially in a public school setting. Often times uniforms end up costing as much as or more than designer clothes, thus increasing the burden on some families. We have seen this at the private school where my wife is an administrator. The main supplier is Land's End, which isn't exactly cheap.

Unfortunately, it seems that any dissent against Bush is being squashed. I wonder what would happen if the kid wore a shirt that supported Bush. Would he still have to change so as not to offend those who view him negatively?

1:43 PM  

I hear you about the dissenting to Bush , maybe he would have been able to wear it, had the shirt been all for Bush.
I just find the whole court situation as going too far, especially when school is supposed to be for education. However, having said that, I do believe that everyone has a right to express themselves, especially with what they are facing today, with wars etc.
Maybe schools can take that sort of thing into account and create a way for the students to express themselves however they want, whether it's through art, public speaking, music or whatever.

In the public school systems here, families get all kinds of aid as far as uniforms, books and tuition goes. In private schools it's a different story though, uniforms come at a high cost too.

4:29 PM  

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