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Thursday, August 31, 2006


I got the chance to get away to Sydney earlier this week. The weather was gorgeous, although I wish that I could have been there longer. I spent the whole day there which was great.
So while I had little time I tried to visit as much as I could. I have been to these places before but it was nice to go back.
The Australian Museum was great, I got to pet a snake! This is the 3rd snake now and I don't have a great love for them but it was neat. Although, I would freak out if I saw one out on the loose!
I spent some time at St.Mary's Cathedral it's so beautiful and although being in the heart of the city, it's so peaceful.
I did manage to grab some great food at The Chinta Ria
Then it was time to fly home, I spent the night in Melbourne and now i'm back.
When I got home my cat was no where in sight, I have been missin gher and thought she wasn't comming home, but thankfully she showed up this morning! It's always good to come home after long travel, now I just have to get back into some sort of routine.
Anyway, Here are some photos!

Above: The view of Sydney from a ferry ride we took.
Below: There was this nice bust of John Paul II in St.Mary Cathedral.

Below: The free things in the world are so beautiful! Here are some blossoms on the ground from Hyde Park. (Yes I got some time to sit and admire the park for a while)

Below: more Hyde Park
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Wow, those photos are beautiful. They make me kind of miss home.

2 more months and Ill be there.

8:24 PM  

NoW I am in love with Sydney

1:17 AM  

the street that goes through a grove of trees is always a classic photo!

12:21 PM  

That's not too far then, I like sydney, although I get so lost there.

Glad you like it!

I agree, I hoped it would work out as nice as it really looked.

5:17 PM  

Carmel, you are so absolutely lucky to be living in Australia. What a beautiful place! These pics of Sydney are wonderful! I'm glad you had a good time!

And by the way, I love the music on the site of the Chinta Ria. Looks like an awesome restaurant!

8:40 PM  

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