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Monday, August 21, 2006

More spring

I wanted to upload another of my spring photos. I'm in love with this season! The flowering plants, the great smell in the air, it's all so good. I love using my camera.

Here are some of my rants and facts

I'll start with wine,

Q: Why is red wine a good anti-oxidant, but not white wine?
A: Because red wine is made using the skin and seeds of the grape and that is where all the goodness is.
(or just eat the grape)

More than 2 glasses of wine per day is bad for you, sorry wine lovers.

Drinking red wine might help you live longer as well. How do we know? Italian scientists fed fish resveratrol and found the little swimmers lived up to 60 percent longer.

As a tea lover I have to include tea!

Tea tasting, is simmilar to wine tasting, visual, smell, taste and touch.
Examining the dry leaves. you can press some dry leaves in your hand. Most fresh teas are a lit springier and do not crumble as much as older teas.
Look for fibres, dust or stalks and note the leaf size.

The last fact is that my cat is cute.

One more thing, today on the Catholic calendar is the feast of
The Queenship of Mary this queenship has some biblical roots too. Happy feast day.

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Pretty picture. I love spring it means summer is right around the corner!

Interesting tidbits as well

9:44 PM  

since u are talking about wine .. have u seen the movie sideways?

I saw it the other day and the two go to alot of wine tastings :)

3:35 PM  

Thanks, I like this picture too!

No I haven't seen this movie, I may have to look out for it.

4:14 PM  

Happy Queenship of Mary to you too!

12:38 PM  

Excellent photograph!

4:27 PM  

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