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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Here is a meme that I am tagged with from on Dymphas Well

What do you dread about the holiday season?

Spending too much money

List 3 things you never tire of doing:

Being with loved ones

What are some things from your childhood that you wish all children could have or experience?

A close knit loving family
Being taught about God's love
Excitement over getting a new toy
My childs love for animals

What did you want to be when you grew up?

An acrobat or animal trainer for my very own circus

What are some things that people are always surprised to find out about you?

I went to acting school
posted by Grace B at 9:03 PM


Acting school?! That's awesome!! didn't wanna persue it?

Acrobat eh? I was sort of an acrobat.

9:50 PM  

That's a neat dream--to be an acrobat or animal trainer. Did you go to the circus a lot as a kid?

4:22 AM  

Acting school?!!! Carmel, when are you going to cut a demo for us and post it on your blog?

12:29 PM  

What I dread about the holiday season is 'Over Scheduling'

Childhood .. hmmm .. unlimited supply of Chocolate and a Go-Cart Ride ..

7:26 PM  

surprise! Yeah it was fun, I took the classes with my sister, we just never pursued it and got on with other things. I would do it again any time.

Yeah I was dreaming big huh lol. I went to the circus a few times with my parents when I was growing up yes and wanted to be a part of it, back then.

That may not be a pleasant thing for the viewers lol.

Go carts and chocolate, both good!!
Thanks for sharing

10:08 PM  

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