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Monday, August 14, 2006

My random post.

Wow there is so much going on lately, I have just got almost everything organised for my USA visa, I still have a few weeks until I have my interview so everyone keep me in your prayers, even if it's just one quick thought!
August seems to be full of birthdays, 3 of my cousins and my mum seem to have birthdays so close together, so buying presents in august seems to be like a mini Christmas present rush.
Today is the Feast of the Assumption in Australia, I love the Church calendar, it's like a year of family events where we celebrate days to remember one another. Also it's the feast day of St.Maximillian Kolbe on the 14th.
That's all from me today i'm off to check out which book to add to my wishlist.

One lesson that I have learned this month is to keep doing good things even when no one notices anything you do, God sees it.
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Convey my birthday greetings to mom and sisters.
At present I am not a movie star.
I am a college teacher by profession;I
teach Mass communication & Journalism.
I had been a telvision anchor from
2002-2006 April,at India's National
Channel Doordarshan.
Now I am trying hard to become a star in movies.

2:39 AM  

Not only does God see it, but doing good anonymously feels good.

You have my prayers on your future arrival here on the other side of the world. And I know just what you mean about August birthdays - both my youngest sister and my parent's anniversary fell on August 4th and my uncle and father's B-Days is later this month

9:20 AM  

Happy feast of the Assumption!

Will keep you in my prayers for your successful interview.

12:29 PM  

Hey Carmel! I am back to blogworld! :)
It is so sad what could have happend on teh planes to the US isnt it? but i am just like you, if I want to fly I fly. Unfortunately errorism can catch you everywhere :(
I remember it is your mums birthday tomorrow so please wish her all teh best and give her a warm German hug okay?

2:34 PM  

That's a lot of feasts for one period of time, and I'm about to go on a diet so that makes them sound doubly enticing.

Good luck with the Visa process & good thing ususally come back around regardless of who sees them.

4:23 PM  

ohh @ USA visa .. so you are in Australia .. awww welcome welome to the USA. God willing you will be here soon.

Are you coming here for higher studies?

7:14 PM  

Thanks for the birthday greetings to my mum. I wish you all the best and more in your new movie star career when it gets set up. You are already famous in the blogworld!

Thank you for your prayers

THank you, your prayers are very much appreciated, happy feast day to you too.

Stef, welcome back you! I will give my mum a German hug from you!

Yeah lots of junk food on celebration days! THanks I will let you know how my visa getting went!

Thanks for the welcome. My fiance lives in the USA and we are planning to marry there.

10:11 PM  

aww Carmel! That is such a precious and important lesson! Thank you SO much for pointing it out.

I will definitly be praying for you!

God Bless


8:15 AM  

Wow! Sounds like August is a month of celebration... And don't you worry, you and Jon will continue to be in my prayers!

12:25 PM  

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