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Thursday, August 10, 2006


It seems that alcohol addiction is booming, or is it just in the media more now after Mel Gibson's episode and now Robin Williams?
Two nights ago I bumped into "S" (i'll just call him S) who I had not spoken to for around a year now, he proceeded to talk to me about his "AA" meetings. I was really shocked that someone his age (21yo) could have fallen into this. Unfortunately you never recover, but must strive to keep the addiction under control. So i'm saddened by his news, but know some one who has kept it under control for years, so with willpower and some prayer i'm sure he will get through it.
Alcohol seems to be such a huge problem. By no means am I saying that drinking is wrong, I have the occaisional drink too, but know when to stop and don't crave a drink. So when does it become a problem? How much is too much? I have no idea.
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Iliked your blog very much.

2:13 AM  

I agree. Alcohol can be a huge problem. And, yes, unfortunately, one can become addicted to it as young as one starts to drink.

4:53 AM  

addictions are on the increase . . . globally . . . it strikes me as so interesting that we all have so much built in leisure time to do what we what . . . and in the mean time Jesus quietly, even softly calls us to rest . . . to come away with Him . . . i truly think that the lack of rest and the indulgence in leisure to replace the rest Christ calls us to . . . its sad really . . . very sad . . . because the headline and conversations represent husbands, wives, and children who these diseases hurt . . . the Peace that passes all understanding be with us ALL . . .

7:10 AM  

You are so right. I start to get a little light-headed after 2 or 3 beers - thats when I know to stop. Some people however don't seem to be able to and this leads to self-destructive behavior (and if they are driving to homicidal behavior).

9:19 AM  

At least your friend is in AA! That was good he seeked help. My best friend Jenn's boyfriend is a drunk and doesn't even know it. he is also a jerk and doesn't even know it. Next time I am there I am leaving an AA brochure on his couch

10:17 AM  

I think that alcohol addiction is very, very common. Doesn't everyone know at least one alcoholic? I do, yet I know no one with lung cancer which just tells me how common it is.

10:42 AM  

Excellent point, David. "...lack of rest and the indulgence in leisure" is a very good way to describe the problems that we have in this culture today.

6:17 PM  

Thank you!

sadly yes, it's terribly common.

So very well said, Jesus does call us to quiet time and rest. That time is so important but ignored.

Same here after one or 2 wines i'm ready to stop.

LOL most of them become jerks because of it. I hope it goes well for him.

Oh yeah, I bet everyone knows an alcoholic, I know too many, I have actually had to put up with an old boyfriend who was and is one.
Glad to see you back from Lake Tahoe!

8:19 PM  

Its an unfortunate waste but I suppose theres so many addictions in life. Some of us have really addictive personalities.

Its the same with anything, you do it once and it makes you feel really great -- it makes you forget your worries, youre caught up in the bliss of the moment... You have an overinflated sense of joy, because it buggers up your chemical balance.

Then you get that a couple more times, then you get drunk (or whatever the addiction is) a few more times and then you do stupid things, mess up, make a fool of yourself -- and but you do it again always trying to win back those first few tastes or use it as escapism from whatever is going on in your life.

It's not just alcohol but you can have that kind of unhealthy addiction to drugs, gambling, sex, anything really... it's all there and it's especially tempting if you have an addictive personality.

I don't know any alcoholics, but two very close people in my life are drug addicts (one recovering) and so I know what it's like and how hard it is.

I hope your friend stays sober, Carmel! :) Prayers with him!

11:09 AM  

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