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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Airline Terror Plot

As someone who has travelled to and from the USA as often as twice per year I was startled at the news of the
Airline Terror Plot that was planned by a group of terrorists to simultaneously blow up 10 or so, aircrafts bound for the USA.
I have read stories about so many travellers plans being destroyed because of delays and what not. It's hard not to be mad as hell, but it's easy to thank God and the smart Police and security operators who have stopped what could have been a mass murder in the skies.
I'm glad that most of them were caught and pray that the other 10 (or how many others) be caught too.
I was reading here that this could have been the next "big one" since the attack in New York on September 11th. They way it's worded is true yes but so scary, of what "could have been".
Those of you who said travel prayers for your loved ones that day must have been so grateful that the plot never eventuated.
Would this scare stop you from flying? For me.... no, I am going to fly when I need to.
Here is a good overview from
American Papist .

Thank you God for the safe ending.
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Thanks for the visit and for those nice words.
I will visit your blog often

1:00 AM  

This is really scary and could have been as bad if not worse than 9/11.

And if you thought airline travel was bad before - just wait because it will be absolutely miserable to fly anywhere.

Sign of the times.

9:00 AM  

I absolutely will not fear flying. Its safer now to fly while these alerts are on than it ever has been!

Fear AFTER the event is silly. And anyway, whatever will be will be! When God wants us to be with him, that's his business.

11:10 AM  

This is incredibly scary, and I just thank god it was stopped before more innocent people were killed.

I am flying in a couple weeks and I am more nervous now haha :)

12:47 PM  

Thanks Deepak.

2 dollar, yeah it's pretty scary. I can't imagine what travel is going to be like from here on in.
sign of the times indeed.

I think like that too! Nice glasses.

I will pray for safe travels. YOu will be fine, have fun!

1:42 AM  

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