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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Love language

I have been so impressed by a book called "The five love languages" by Dr.Gary Chapman. You can find out more Here
I totally think he is right when it comes to what makes us feel loved.
Love languages can be learned for couples, families, singles and everyone. I know that when I lack in my love language I get really sad. Mine is words of affirmation, I know it because without it I don't feel liked/loved depending on who isn't using it.
The website also has a quiz you can take which is pretty neat.
I'm like Mark Twain who said “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” here here!
You should really take a look at it, I'm just too impressed!
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carmel ~

I have a friend about 37 yrs old . . . just got married this weekend . . . never married before but has a son that is 16 yrs . . . he’s a terrific dad. . . he "stood by" a high school sweetheart that got pregnant . . . my kind of guy! . . . anyway, we have a mentoring like relationship[p we recently went through this book anticipating his marriage . . . at one point my friend has this epiphany . . . "i now know what my son's love language is" . . . (so i'm excited to hear) . . . okay, i'm waiting and he says my son's love language is "meal preparation" . . . i could not stop laughing . . . days later I’m still thinking of the love language of "meal preparation . . . WHAT A LOVE LANGUAGE . . . and as I am typing I am wondering how many other men speak that language??? Humm . . . Selah!!

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I've heard of that book before in positive terms. Maybe I should check it out sometime. We do speak love in different ways from one another many times.

9:35 AM  

Interesting, I took the quiz, but most of it seems just like common sense to me.

8:30 PM  

That is funny, well as the saying goes "a way to a mans heart is through his stomach!"

I liked it, the book is very in depth, we need all the languages of love but there is one in particular which makes you feel more loved. Apparently anyway lol.

Some is common sense although the book goes into a lot more than just the 5 languages, it talks about how we can feel unapreciated, unloved and hurt, and what could be behind that etc.
The quiz is short lol.

10:09 PM  

Love makes life live

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Cool, I'll have to check that book out. I love books such as these....I'm currently reading a recommended book titled For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. I think you would really like that one as well.

11:52 AM  

hmmm ... is this an informative book or a persuasive one? The one in love .. doesn't need to know anything :) .. once in love .. everything becomes clear .. you understand all the signs .. it becomes innate, and you see things that no one else does (hence Love is blind) .. see it's the people around the lover that are blind not the lover him/herself

4:32 PM  

I've never heard that quote from Twain, but I like it quite a bit.

And I plan to take the quiz to check on this idea, which is nearly always worth investigating.

5:56 PM  

Deepak, true!
awwww it is a bit like that too!

I will check that out thanks!

Ahhh you know love too well! Your poetry that you write for your girlfriend is great.

the quiz is shorter than I first thought. The book is alot better!

9:41 PM  

I've heard about this book... I'm going to check it out, it looks good!
Hehe...and I just posted about love on my blog today! We can never get too much of it...

12:28 PM  

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