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Friday, August 18, 2006


Spring is a beautiful time of year, I love it after roughing out the cold winter.
I have been out taking photos of all the pretty blossoms and plants that are in bloom. For some reason blogger will only let me post this one, which isn't the one I wanted to show but it will have to do for now. What's up with blogger and photos lately?

posted by Grace B at 9:54 PM


I enjoy spring as well, however summer will always be my favorite season :)

So how bad was your winter?

11:38 PM  

Beautiful garden in the Blogspot

12:11 AM  

hey phats,
I like summer too but it gets pretty severly hot where I live. My winter was beautiful actually so i can't complain, it's almost like spring but mornings and evenings are cold.

Thank you, i'm glad you like it.

1:40 AM  

Beautiful. Personally I like Fall the best, but Spring comes close (Spring in NYC often still seems like winter though).

9:57 AM  

I like the fall too, although where I live there is not much of a difference in the fall like it can get in some areas. I can't wait to see fall in America. I bet new york would look beautiful.

Spring here is more like a summer without the harsh heat or muggy weather.

8:11 PM  

That's so cool that it's Spring there! I just find that fascinating!

4:41 AM  

Autumn here is great! What with American football, blazing red, yellow, and orange trees, and Halloween. My children and I love to scheme what they'll be for Trick or Treating. Last year, the boys were Franciscan monks and went around the neighborhood chanting. I can't wait.

You'll have to keep posting your spring pictures and then when it's summer there and we're freezing here, you'll have to post summer pictures to help us warm up.

4:34 PM  

how's that visa going?
Wish u the best---

5:27 PM  

Spring is really nice, but I would take some of your winter right now as it's 104 degrees in Austin.

Brutal - much like blogger when it comes to pics because it seems to know just when to screw up and stop accepting them when you really need it.

Damn blogger.

5:35 PM  

yeah it's interesting when you think of all these different seasons going on in the world at once!

I love that about your children as franciscan monks! I am yet to see halloween I haven't experienced it, but Jonathan has told me alot about it.
Your comment here reminds me of what he told me just recently about the colours and the "FOOTBALL" I can't wait to see fall in Ohio.

Thank you! The visa is comming along, i'll let you know some time next week.

Man do I hear ya! (about blogger) it's so annoying, I have lots of photos that i'm itching to post.
Austin sure is kicking up some heat, 104 is melting weather. I hope you get some cool down soon!

8:13 PM  

A friend of mine is leaving for Australia in a week for vacation. It should be a lovely time to visit!

4:49 PM  

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