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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jaime Derman's cross

Jaime Derman is a 17 year old student who was banned from wearing her cross necklace to school. There has been a bit of talk about this on the news.
What gets to me about this story is that her school rules are the same school rules my daughter has at her Christian school. The rule is that you can wear no visible jewelry whatsoever! Unless of course it is not visible, so some girls or boys can wear a longer chain so it doesn't show.
I wonder why Jaime Derman does not just wear a longer chain. After all, Jesus does teach us to obey law and rules right? She should be obeying her school rules, and make the necklace less visible. In the picture I saw of her, it almost looked like a choker.
I do know that items of sentimental value are important and so is ones faith, and I do admire her stand for her love of Christ, that is so strong, it's great to see. However, the chain should not be visible over her uniform.
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One of the reasons the early Christians used the sign of the fish was so they could spot each other - non-Christians would not get the anology. To me, wearing a cross or whatever should be about you and not who sees it - then it just becomes an ordinary necklace. I used to wear the bronze chai necklace (the Hebrew sign for life) my aunt bought me underneath my clothes when I was younger. I never told anyone I was wearing it and they never saw it. It was for ME.

1:42 PM  

I have never seen one of those necklaces. It sounds nice.
My problem with this fuss is that this student did not obey the rules, and the rules are not because this is a crucifix, but because it's visible jewerly.

8:32 PM  

In some ways, this reminds me of the controvery (in the U.S.) over the displaying of Sallman's "Head of Christ" in a public school.

Christians ought to first ask themselves if these kinds of displays do any of the following:

Break the rules (unChristian)
Offend others (unChristian)
Promote oneself (unChristian)

Forcing others to view a personally meaningful and rightly spirtual image (be that a cross, crucifix or a painting of our Lord) is not a particularly effective way to evangelize if you ask me.

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