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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Links of interest

Vatican warns controversial archbishop not to work with Dan Brown on new movie

Church gets ransom demand for priest

Hat tip to Argent for the above links

4HisChurch has posted about
St.Rose of Lima who's icon is pictured below.

posted by Grace B at 7:27 PM


Thanks for the picture.

12:07 AM  

St. Rose is one of my very favorites.

3:02 PM  

Who would guessed that Dan Brown would become this kind of powerful figure that even echoes in the Vatican?


5:58 PM  

Deepak, you're welcome

she is amazing I looked into some of the things she asked God for, very very inspiring.

Yeah i'm sure Dan loves it though no?
Hey, don't you go getting any movie ideas with your productions.

6:35 PM  

So I am guessing you're a pretty religious person eh carmel? :)

8:38 PM  

No i'm not at all. Just kidding. I think it defines alot about who I am and my life.
I like alot of people regardless of what they believe.
If people don't like me for what I believe then that's too bad.

8:50 PM  

Great icon of a Dominican Tertiary. St. Rose pray for us.

12:34 AM  

Hey, I like a lot of people too, regardless of whether or not they give me a treat or believe that doG spelled backwards is the higher power they need to dial up! So we are a lot alike that way Carmel! Oh, and we both loved Pope JP.

12:14 AM  

The Holy See gives much more attention and publicity to the thhings it doesn't like by making statements like this. If it wants to continue to pull the cloth over people's eyes and prevent them from growing spiritually by asking questions about their faith, the Vatican would be better off ignoring Dan Brown completely.

-- david

4:47 AM  

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