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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I support the Pope

I found this banner via the blog
Dymphna's Well and thought...hey I like it! I like the courage that the Holy Father had to say something that should be ok to say. Unfortunately extremists will choose anything to fire back at with and there have been sad reactions from these people who claim that they are peaceful.
This banner is made by Kenneth Kully and is for bloggers use.

Thanks to and email from
St.Peters Helpers I have a link to an essay written by an athiest, who gives a bit of a breakdown of Pope Benedicts lecture.
The link is
posted by Grace B at 3:57 PM


Yes, so do I...and in the present should we all, our very freedoms are at stake.

5:13 PM  

This song sums it up for me

1:11 PM  

Is'nt it a very sensitive issue?

4:29 AM  

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