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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Me and my camera

I have loved taking photos over this past year. I have mostly taken family pictures and special event shots, but lately I have been exploring the artistic side. I'm nowhere near anything that you call professional, and i'm very aware of it too, but trying is awesome. Lately I have been trying to reflect my moods and it's been working nicely. I normally keep my pictures on my photo blog but wanted to put some one here.

This is what I call "the lost rose" (yes I name them)
Church doors... Have a great weekend all!
posted by Grace B at 11:38 PM


Nice! I really like the rose.

2:21 PM  

both those pictures are very striking...i especially like the rose pic.

--RC of

5:32 PM  

I love B&W shots and I know from experience that photography is much harder than it looks. Yours is beautiful.

5:34 PM  

I liked the pic of the door

10:26 PM  

Hi carmel!! hehe

I love the church doors. I plan on gettimg my entire right arm covered in bible-esque tattoo's.


9:16 AM  

yuppp i love the title .. the lost rose .. great going .. did u pick it up and put it on the side?

5:45 PM  

Nice compliments on my pictures, I'll start taking that all to my head sooner or later. :)
Nabeel, it's a fake flower from one of my clothes! Now you have my secret out in public.

Thank you everyone!

11:36 PM  

Stunning pics.... the church doors are really mystical....

11:57 PM  

I'm split, but have to side with the rose pic as my favorite. Nice.

12:00 PM  

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