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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Men and women, different

I'm no doctor but lets face it, girls and different from boys. There really is no unisex brain ok? Here is a little article I was reading,

ONLY a girl could write The Female Brain and walk away with life and reputation intact. This new book may be contentious, but in fact modern science is merely playing catch-up with what we know intuitively. Girls are different from boys.
Mind-blowing news, huh?
But here's the really brave bit: the unisex brain is a feminist fabrication. Louann Brizendine, an American neuropsychiatrist, has written a book debunking stubborn notions that girls are different only because society makes them so. It's much more to do with the brain, she says. The female brain, to be more precise.

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In this book Dr.Brizendine explains how the female brain works, what women are thinking, and the difference in the way they process thoughts compared with the way men do.
Another good article which explains the book in more detail is here

So girls arrive as girls, and boys as boys. By the time a baby is born, their brains are already wired as girls or boys. Equality feminists might not like to hear that, as they prefer to believe we are male or female minded due how we grow up in society. That ideology is ridiculous to me.
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It's that old nature vs. nurture debate, isn't it? I've always thought it was both...

10:16 PM  

Uhh Duh Carmel boys are smarter then girls. I mean why else would there be more male champs then female on jeopardy come on! hahaha :)

I am JK of course

2:52 PM  

Yeah surprise we are different! lol. I think the ideology behind unisex brains is obsurd.

I don't know about boys being smarter than girls phats but i'll let you believe it ;)

10:00 PM  

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