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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Popes speech

The Pope has expressed his deep respect for Islam, during his speech to Muslim diplomats. Here is some of the text from his speech:

"The Church looks upon Muslims with respect. They worship the one God living and subsistent, merciful and almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, who has spoken to humanity and to whose decrees, even the hidden ones, they seek to submit themselves whole-heartedly, just as Abraham, to whom the Islamic faith readily relates itself, submitted to God"

St.Peters Helpers has the whole text here
posted by Grace B at 4:59 PM


interestingly . . . the pope is acknowledging that Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all worship the same God . . . this is progress that we can all learn from . . .

6:13 PM  

i am glad he is making the apology .. i mean what he referenced to was wrong .. well .. the statement was wrong .. given that Islam is a peaceful religion .. it's the people who are violent and not the religion .. a simple straight fact !

I am going to read what he said ..
We never spread religion by sword .. our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) condemnded people who did or thought of forcing Islam onto a person.

6:17 PM  

I agree, the statement is something we should all remember.

I think it's a posative thing when different religions can find some kind of balance and to acknowledge that we do have many things in common.
I know that the Islam religion is peaceful and that so are many of the people.
Many religions have the extremists who ruin everything.

7:00 PM  

An apology was probably appropriate, but I also think people take things far too seriously these days around religion.

A bit of common sense would help.

7:03 PM  

I love that the Pope mentioned "the one God". So many times I hear 'Christians' saying things like "They worship a different god." (Allah), not realizing what 'Allah' means.

Let's face it, people have different opinions about religion, but if we can agree that there is ONE GOD, then we can at least move on from there and have a meaningful discussion.

10:47 PM  

Yes I hope pope's apology and his expression of respect for islam should put an end to this controversy ones and for all.

I agree with 2 dollar, we are taking things related to religion too seriously. We give more importance to our religion than loving our neighbour who was all along been good and kind to us.

All religions teach Love and only Love. If we can not love our neighbour first ireespective of his faith, we have no right to speak up in support of our religion.

carmel you have a beautiful blog.

12:42 AM  

when i was heard the Pop's words i was very sad, because the all people around the world respect him. But now i am ok to hearing this news. anyway the Pop could try to avoid this words
from his speech...
we can pray for the peaceful life.

2:29 AM  

All religions have bad apples and tend to consrtue the facts for there own gains.... The Pope had the guts to say sorry... I have more respect for him!

3:26 AM  

all religions teach similar things .. however some have been abrogated (many versions of Holy Books) .. Islam has Quran as the holy book .. which has not been changed since the day it came .. the quran is in it's true form.

all religions teach to respect other religions .. we are to respect people of the book (the four holy books in this world) .. they are holy because they came from God.

8:58 PM  

How true Nabeel, if we all kept to that 'respect' we should all have, things would be different where religion is concerned. I have the upmost respect for the quran, and have been meaning to read some of it from when you recommended it to me.

11:29 PM  

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