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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I went to see my cousins one month old baby. She is soooo cute. I held her, she fell asleep on my arm, and then woke up and snuggled on my chest. She smelled so good too!
She poked her tongue out a bit and slept with her mouth open. Ahhhh babies babies!
posted by Grace B at 3:55 PM


...yeah there is nothing like the smell of rotten milk on top of vommit on top of baby poop! :P

playing with the spawn of my siblings is rather fun though

7:36 PM  

By reading your post itself I could feel the experience you had.
Please publish photo of that baby in your future posts.
Good Day

9:43 PM  

fatwonkid, yeah the vommit and poop is not the best lol.

deepak, I may do that at some time, good day to you too. :)

11:55 PM  


12:29 AM  

Aww bless! Babbies are cute and I would love one. I expect I'd be a terrible mother though.

9:09 AM  

LOL . . . sounds like my elderly grandmother . . . no teeth . . . very little hair . . . fragile . . . and sleeps with her mouth open . . . LOL

1:52 PM  

Ah, babies are special. Enjoy your cousin's baby. They grow up so quick.

3:58 PM  

awww .. post a picture .. what was her name?

5:19 PM  

I think babies are just fine, but for right now, the best part is I get to go back home after I visit one of them.

6:18 PM  

Baby poop is innocuous and benign. Wait till the kid is on solids- then you will know about poop.

12:59 PM  

That babies name is Lisa, I will post a photo when I have one. :)

5:01 PM  

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