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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fr.Stan Fortuna

I was reading the blog
Dympnas Well where I found this little gem. It's Fr.Stan Fortuna, a Franciscan who can rap. If you want to check out one of his video clips click on this youtube link Here I cannot embed the video on here sorry, it's not working that way for some reason. This is certainly different, and I like his idea of using his gift to do God's work.
posted by Grace B at 12:55 AM


Interesting to know that you had trouble with the embedding too. I always wonder if its just my computer when things like that happen. I wonder what is behind it...

1:39 AM  

Wonderful, great blog!!

God bless you!!!

3:01 AM  

That was very cool carmel! It is very hard to post things that move on blogger. I have had a few posts that have literally drove me crazy!

7:25 AM  

what a gemstone!

7:59 AM  

i cna't wait to show my son . . . thanks!

12:26 PM  

Great post Carmel. Great music. I'm glad that some music out there still has some soul to it still.

9:44 PM  

That's very interesting I gave it a look.

Did you try to upload youtube from their site to yours? I had problems with that too and one day it appeared like 6x haha

9:53 PM  


3:49 AM  

Hi Carmel,
heard you had an earthquake. Hope everything is okay and U are well.
My prayers go out to You and all of Australia.

3:21 PM  

Oops! I've been givin bad information----It was Hawaii that
had the earth quake! Sorry-I was told Australia. *blush*

3:32 PM  

I'm glad you like it, thank 4hischurch for this one.
I just tried to embed this with the copy and paste and it wouldn't work for those of you who asked.

4:23 PM  

Starbender, I almost forgot to say that yes i'm safe lol. It's ok I heard about the Hawaii stuff this morn. Very bad. Thanks for the prayers nonetheless!

6:51 PM  

Just thought you might find Fr. Stan's website interesting too. You can get the latest version of the video there, and all proceeds go towards his work with the poor. Fr. Stan is also an amazing jazz musician and recently played Birdland in NYC.

9:32 AM  

A fan,
Thank you! I appreciate the link and will check it out. I think it's exciting to come accross such great things.
God bless

4:27 PM  

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