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Friday, October 20, 2006


Jonathan showed this to me a while ago, I have since watched it a few times and think it's so funny. However! I don't know about the last cat yet, it seems a bit dodgy to me as to whether it's real or not. Again, the "embedding" won't work so here is the link to Cats
posted by Grace B at 1:17 AM


Wow! My mother is already afraid of cats--I don't think I'll show her this, LOL! :)

6:30 AM  

Very, very cute! What a smart cats!
Thanks for this.
Have a wonderful day!

6:55 AM  

ohhh mann this is just sooo cute and adorable .. awww i miss my cats now .. tsk .. soooooooooooooo cute !!

why doesn't the embed work? when u are embedding a video .. do not switch back to the compose mode .. just publish from the edit html mode.

4:45 PM  

That's funny, my sister is afraid of cats too, she says that they are creepy.

Thanks i'm glad you like them. You have a wonderful day too!

So that's why I can't embed! I keep changing from edit html mode to compose mode to check it before publishing. Thanks for the tip!

4:57 PM  

That's hilarious! I showed it to my mom too (she's not afraid of cats), but she thinks the last cat scene is tricked. I don't know...but it's so cute!

I haven't written in a long time, but I'm still keeping up with your blog Carmel! Keep up the great (and funny) posting!

7:39 PM  

Hi Carmel. Personally, I think they're all faked. But it's still a funny video.

8:01 PM  

I am allergic to cats, and not a fan. But those were cute, wasn't this on America's funniest home videos?

9:43 PM  

Hi Carmel;
I h've 6 cats in my house.

11:04 PM  

Very, very cute!

2:06 PM  

I'm not a big cat fan, and that didn't help.

3:05 PM  

Marie-Linda, I'm glad you and your mum liked it, I don't know how real any of it is but it's very cute indeed.

Art, same here, I think the last one definetly is dodgy.

Phats, i'm not sure, I haven't seen Americas funniest vids, too bad about your cat allergy!

6 cats! very impressive, you should take a photo so we can see some of your pets.

Yes I agree, mi piace le gatti.

The Pheonix,
Fine! be like that then. :)

4:12 PM  

That's hilarious! :)

Thanks for sharing it.

5:56 PM  

That was a little creepy, but my daughter liked it.

8:38 AM  

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