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Friday, October 27, 2006

Oh yeah!

Well i'm in a good mood. Because, what I was waiting for in the mail was my US. visa, (not a mail order husband like phats said) and finally after what seemed forever, I got approved and it's all so good! Jonathan and I are pretty over the moon. Yay! Thanks for the well wishes and prayers while I was waiting.

Also, thanks to 4hischurch and nabeel, I can now embed a youtube video. Here is a clip from Greenday and U2 called "the saints are coming" You might or might not like it, but I do.

posted by Grace B at 4:14 PM


Not a big fan of Green Day but this song ROCKS. I loved the original version and this is for a good cause right? So it double rocks. It double secret rocks!

So Carmel, you looking for a mail-order husband? I have this friend...

7:57 PM  

Hi Carmen!
I love it. Thanks very, very, very much for this video. I needed it. I'm only sad( very little bit) that I havn't text.
I hope with God's support evetything will be right with your problem.
Blessings to you!

4:13 AM  

that's great news! I am so happy for you & J! yey!!
God Bless

4:36 AM  

That is SO exciting. Happy for you two -- it's been a long haul.

9:25 AM  

Congrats!! See you soon! :)

10:35 AM  

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1:48 PM  

Woohoo! Congratulations on getting your US visa! And thanks for sharing the video. It's pretty cool!

Happy weekend! c",)

7:04 PM  

Oh Carmel, I am SO happy for you and Jon! Congratulations! Your patience and your faith paid off (I pretty much suspected that was what you were waiting for from the mail)!

And that song is great! It is so hopeful in a time in which we need all the saints we can get! (And I like U2 and Green Day.) Thanks for that.

9:00 PM  

Congraultations about your Visa, Carmel, I am so please for you and Jonathan. :)


5:45 AM  

I'm happy for you, Carmel! But, I truly will miss having a cyber friend in Australia.

10:31 AM  

I have to admit, this was an intersting song. I am suprised by it on so many respects.

12:40 PM  

YES!! that is awesome, congrats Carmel. I was kind of hoping David mailed himself to you, how funny would that have been right? ha! :)

So happy for you.

2:27 PM  


10:14 PM  

Oh, wow! I am so excited for you!!!! I know what a long process it has been.

3:26 PM  

Thanks everybody!

I would be afraid of any one called David or anything who would ship themselves to me in the mail. :b

4:23 PM  

Are you coming to America?
To anywhere near I live?

6:08 PM  

I'm not sure, i'm moving near Cleveland Ohio, how far are you from there?

6:48 PM  

ohh u are welcomeeeee .. i love i love U2 .. they are awesome .. my fav. bandd .. awesome videoooooo !!!

Bono is a role model !

10:40 PM  

Nabeel, you're right, Bono is a great role model, you should read the book called "Fools rush in" by Bill Carter? Bono has quite a bit to do with that story, it's great.

11:20 PM  

That is neat to hear that you got your US visa. It must be an exciting time for you. :)

6:49 AM  

Hey Carmel! Congrats for your Visa! It all seems to take shape after all that long time of waiting, I am really happy for you!

2:46 AM  

Near Atlanta Georgia

10:37 PM  

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