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Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween

We don't really celebrate halloween here, but anyway,


Don't get too spooked.

posted by Grace B at 6:44 PM


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! next year you can dress up and hand out candy to kids fun right?

Cleveland, you and your hubby can come to our party next year! btw do you have an accent?

8:53 PM  

you personally don't or where you love .. people don't?

happy halloween to you too .. I don't celebrate halloween either .. i mean .. sure i will go out with my friends and all .. but don't dress up and stuff.

10:39 PM  

are you from Ohio? Your party would be fun I know it. Yeah I will try and make the most of halloween next year.
Do I have an accent.... I think not, it's just every body else in the US. :b

In my country, we never have halloween, I have never seen the children dress up or been to a party, or any of that.
But when I live in the US I will go out and do all the halloweeny stuff.

11:18 PM  

Hi Carmel!
Happy Halloween!

5:30 AM  

Hi, Carmel! Many of us in the US don't do much with Halloween either; though there are many who do. But I do enjoy the fall festivities. And I enjoy the efforts little kids put into dressing up. :)

6:46 AM  

Happy Halloween! have you interesting blog. greetings

7:25 AM  

Happy Halloween, Sweet Carmel! c",)

10:58 AM  

the smile of the happiness of the pumkins, we unfortunately celebrate alone the carnival

12:46 PM  

You never have Halloween in Oz, Carmel? Get ready for a culture shock when you settle in the States.

Congratulations to you and Jonathan by the way, I'm happy for you both!

7:39 PM  

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