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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence day

My first 4th of July in the USA!!! We went out and ate a whole lot and ended the evening with the local fireworks display.
I have also tried kayaking, it was awesome, although I freaked out a little over a water snake though and if anything put me off, that did.
Here are some photos:

Above is a place we visited while kayaking, and below is a photo of the fireworks last night on july 4th.

posted by Grace B at 10:21 AM


what kind of camera did you use to take the fireworks pictures. when I tried to take some fireworks pictures, there was motion blur. It looks real cool, but I would have liked to have taken some crisper pictures of fireworls

11:35 AM  

Glad you had a good 4th!

11:41 AM  

Very sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed your first 4th in the US! Hugs!

8:53 PM  

My goodness, those are good photos! Glad you had a great first Independence Day celebration!

3:37 AM  

I don't blame you about the snake as those things make me lose my sense of humor very quickly. But at least the 4th made up for it.

11:08 AM  

glad to hear you are enjoying yourself!

I have missed your posts!

God Bless!!

11:41 PM  

water snake, huh??

more adventurous than me, dear ;]

3:09 PM  

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